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   Old Thread  #1000 1 Sept 2006 at 8.26pm  0  Login    Register
Welcome to the review section.

Please note that the review section is just that, a section for only reviews. If general "chitt-chata", or even questions on the said product are posted it will soon become a messy section. Please DO NOT start threads in here asking for peoples opinion on an item of tackle. The tackle section will be more suited for this.

Please start a new thread in the tackle section or PM the reviewer if you have any questions on a particular product featured here.

The following are guidlines that will help you create a review.

  • Your review should be substantial (100 words+)
  • You should mention how long you have owned the product
  • It should ideally cover both the good and bad points
  • Please try to include a photo

    Posts which do not broadly conform to the guidelines will be REMOVED!

    Bad reviews are just as welcome as good ones, we are lucky on here that we can give a bad review without risking the advertisers, unlike the mags!

    Any posts in the review threads which are not reviews will be removed without notice in order to keep this section tidy.

    Thank you.
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