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  Frequently Asked Questions:
If you have any questions about how to use CarpForum, please email them to and we will post the answer to your question on this page (we will also email you to tell you it's been answered)
  How do I get a photo for a profile (instead of a cartoon)?
You might have noticed that the profile pictures have all had some airbrushing done to them to remove the backgrounds. This is because when they are left as rectangles the page didn’t look anywhere near as nice.
To get your profile picture prepared just send it through to
We’ll airbrush the background off and upload it to the server so that it appears against ALL of your posts (past, present and future)
  How do I submit a picture for my gallery?
If you would like to have your own gallery of trophy shots on CarpForum you need to submit the photos via email. The email address to use is
If you are sending photos of more than one fish then it makes our lives easier if you only send photos of ONE fish per email.
Each email should contain as many of the following details as possible:
  - Fish's weight (pounds + ounces)
  - Venue of capture (if it’s a no publicity venue that’s no problem, just put “Private”)
  - Date of capture
  - Capture details (e.g. Bait, rig)
  How do I insert a picture into a post?
Firstly, the picture needs to be on the web already (i.e. it's in the public domain, and not sitting on your computer at home where Joe Public can't get to it). If you have a picture on your computer that you need to put in a post you need to get it on the web first, it's likely your ISP has provided you with some webspace when you joined up.

In this example I will demonstrate how I would go about putting my profile picture into a post...
First I need to go and find a page with my profile picture (in your case you might be going to a website with a picture of a bivvy or whatever). I now right mouse click on the picture and choose properties. I get a window come up and one section is called address/URL. This shows you the location of the picture on the internet. In the case of my profile picture it's stored here:

Select the whole of that address with your mouse and then right mouse click on the highlighted address and choose copy. You now have the address ready to post into your post (possibly back in another browser window)
Start writing the following code, but substitute my profile pictures URL with the URL of YOUR picture!
<img src=>

That's it. It's HTML. You can of course write text before and/or after you have inserted the picture into the post.
Note: This ability has been left in so that you guys can insert FISHING related photos into your posts. We would rather that the Forum doesn't become a huge sCRAPbook of pictures that are just jokes. The occasional good one in the non-carp/pike section will be allowable though ;)
  How do I link to a web page/site from within a post?
This is fairly similar to the question above (i.e. it's just HTML that we will be writing). The syntax is only a little bit different. I think all I need do here is to show you a few examples and you will understand what is required...
<a href=>BBC's Weather page</a>
<a href=>The UK's best classified advert site</a>
<a href=></a>

As you can see, you can describe your link by putting some text in the middle. Another useful tip (and something we'd appreciate) is to make that link open a NEW browser window (so that CarpForum remains in the background). All you have to do to achieve this is add the target tag. Here's an example:
<a href= target=_blank>Microsoft website in a new window</a>

Note: It's important to include the http:// after the href=
Also note: Links to site's which 'compete' with CarpForum will be deleted. Repeated linking will result in a ban.
  The posts are in the wrong order! Why is that?
By default this ordering is set to 'Newest posts shown first'. This means that a thread/topic has the newest post at the top, and works down to the oldest post at the bottom. It's the opposite to how a lot of Forums have chosen to order the posts, but because CarpForum gets so many posts each day we thought it easier to just see the new posts at the top of the page (saves having to scroll down to the bottom).

If you don't like the ordering that way round all is not lost! Simply click on the [Edit Profile] link near the top of the page. The next page you get will give you a drop-down combo (called Post ordering) where you can choose to change it. Once you've changed it to how you want it, click update.
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