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 New Posts  Cotswold Aquarius Service
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   Old Thread  #1 11 Feb 2024 at 8.38am  4  Login    Register
Wanted to highlight the great service Iíve recently received from Cotswold Aquarius.

I contacted them in the Autumn as my 3 Rod Holdall had some stitching that had come undone (I must have had this for at least 7-8 years, it was bought for me as a gift) and I was asking for a repair. They replied very quickly saying yes theyíd repair it and gave me the address to send it too.

I waited until after Xmas, sent it on a Thursday and had it back repaired on Tuesday afternoon, repaired for free and sent back to me post free, I literally paid for postage to get it there £8 and thatís it.

Cotswold gear is expensive and some of the items donít have the bells and whistles of other brands but for durability, quality & after sales service you really canít go wrong.

A fantastic British Brand still designed and made in this country.
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