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 New Posts  Wraysbury & Horton
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   Old Thread  #3 5 Feb 2024 at 12.58pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #2
I fished black lagoon in Stanstead
The airport was literally next to it.
But surprisingly quiet even at night once you get used to it
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   Old Thread  #2 5 Feb 2024 at 11.12am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
Horton in particular is affected by low fly planes.
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   Old Thread  #1 4 Feb 2024 at 7.10pm    Login    Register
Hiya everyone

Aside of all the issues around costs etc, Id be really interested to know what people think of these venues in terms of what theyre actually like to fish and what the facilities and surroundings etc are like?

Many thanks

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