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   Old Thread  #3 26 Jan 2024 at 1.49pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #2
Appreciate the information, thankyou
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   Old Thread  #2 24 Jan 2024 at 9.16am    Login    Register
I have not fished it for a while, but its a nice lake, which responds to all types of fishing, bait boats work well as does spodding/spombing and using a rowing boat (if
that is still allowed)!
I believe that they carried out some work last year to deepen the shallow end of the lake (which fished well before that)!
Lots of local facilities in Soissons (about 15 mins away) and is worth a visit.
The onsite bailiff has been there a while and knows what he is talking about so should be able to give you up to date information
Posts: 4158
   Old Thread  #1 13 Jan 2024 at 5.47pm    Login    Register
Anyone been there?
Going in April so any information would be much appreciated.

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