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 New Posts  Day Brolly pentalite
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   Old Thread  #1 1 Jan 2024 at 8.06am  4  Login    Register
Thought the below may be handy for anyone looking for a day brolly especially with the recent winds.

As I fish mainly days I like a decent brolly that is fairly light and sturdy. I used the fox little one for years and liked it but the korum pentalite beats it on all fronts.

The brolly is really secure with 4 pegs and in hind winds you can put the pegs in whist the brolly is flat on the floor, then in between gusts, just grab the sticks and extend to tension- they donít need to be in the ground as the pegs do the work.

The space and height are much better than alternatives I have used and the Ďgiveí in the frame means it stands big winds better, that may sound counter intuitive- but if the wind canít bend something it rips it out the way. I got it cheap, under £50 I think and never use the supplied front tension bar.


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