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 New Posts  Global Angling electric barrow conversion
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   Old Thread  #1 18 Dec 2023 at 5.48pm  3  Login    Register
I have just recently invested in a global Angling electric barrow conversion for my tri- porter and thought I would give my initial opinions on it. When I ordered it the delivery time was 8 weeks due to awaiting new motors so I was pleasantly surprised to get a dispatch email after only a couple of weeks. Everything came really well packaged and setting it up was extremely easy although there were no instructions. Overall installation took no more than 15 mins. I used it this weekend and it worked impeccably once I had worked out that there are three speed settings. The eco setting is almost useless whereas the medium is ideal for most use. The high setting is quite fast on flat terrain and you have to walk very fast to keep up with it. However, this comes into its own when going up hills etc. Overall a fantastic piece of kit that means I'm no longer sweating and out of breath when I reach my swim. My only negative is that some instructions would be really useful!
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