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 New Posts  Mystery YouTube carp venue
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   Old Thread  #3 19 Nov 2023 at 11.02pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #2
Well done that man!!!

Been doing my head in for about 3 weeks, their website doesn’t show it so I skimmed it and moved on! Found various YouTube videos showing it now!!
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   Old Thread  #2 19 Nov 2023 at 10.19pm  1  Login    Register
Welham Lake Malton maybe?
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   Old Thread  #1 19 Nov 2023 at 7.34pm  0  Login    Register
Guys I need you help, I remember watching a YouTube video a while back and it featured a lake that had a floating pontoon bridge, the bridge took you into an island that could be used as a bit of a social peg. Can’t for the life of me remember who the video was by or where the lake is! Any help is hugely appreciated.

Only other thing I remember is that the lake was pretty shallow and there were tonnes of “carp holes”
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