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 New Posts  Fox frontier X? Honest reviews please 🥺🥺
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   Old Thread  #10 24 Nov 2023 at 12.02pm    Login    Register
I absolutely love mine I had it since they came out, I sold my tempest 100t and my tempest v2 the frontier is much better Bivvy, yeah itís heavy but not that bad it doesnít bother me at all
Posts: 719
   Old Thread  #9 15 Nov 2023 at 10.58pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #8
Found the same. It's not light but is better if you toss out the unnecessary stuff and strip it back. Had mine over a year now and very happy to take for overnighters. It's lovely and dark inside which helps me sleep well.

One thing that did happen was one of the front poles came out of the block last week. I was pretty upset to begin with as it wasn't under that much pressure. I thought I'd broken a very expensive bivvy... I'm hopeful that I've fixed it though with a blob of silicone grease and a gentle tap with a rubber mallet the ball joint popped back in and it now looks as it should! Will find out tomorrow if it fixed it permanently but thought worth sharing in case it happens to you...
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   Old Thread  #8 14 Nov 2023 at 11.34am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
If you struggle to carry your bait or hold a 20lb fish for a photo then it's not for you, far too heavy You can strip it back to just the bivvy without a front, 2 x poles and about 4 pegs if necessary. Great for overnighters aswell as sessions and it goes up and comes down quickly, I have the X and XD, the weight has never been an issue given the amount of other gear I take with me.

Posts: 849
   Old Thread  #7 14 Nov 2023 at 9.30am    Login    Register
Can only echo what has already been said. Fantastic piece of kit but it weighs a tonne and didnt suit my quick overnights.

Posts: 236
   Old Thread  #6 14 Nov 2023 at 9.05am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
What went wrong with your 150?
Posts: 381
   Old Thread  #5 13 Nov 2023 at 8.45pm    Login    Register
Love mine if if there for a few days, especially with the Overwrap however, I use a standard Frontier for shorter trips or where Iím expecting to move in the trip as the X is chunky!
Posts: 4151
   Old Thread  #4 13 Nov 2023 at 7.51pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #3
Happy with mine, well built and sturdy in high winds. Like the fact thatís if u use the infil panels, itís dark inside. Only downside is the weight.
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   Old Thread  #3 13 Nov 2023 at 6.57pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
had 1 bought for me by the wife, I only do 24hrs max and it was way too big and heavy for my liking....its like a body bag...sold it after using it a few times and went back to my tempest v2 brolly,it's all I need and more for my type of fishing
Posts: 1277
   Old Thread  #2 13 Nov 2023 at 4.41pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
I bought one 18months ago and used for 6 months or so. It is a great bivvy for sessions, very sturdy, plenty of room and all good usable space and nice and tall. Easy to put up and even easier to take down. The negative is the weight and packed dimensions, it's very heavy and was an awkward fit on the barrow.

I only stopped using it when my circumstances changed and I can only do overnight trips now. It's far to big and heavy for that. I've kept it though, things can change and I might need it again.
Posts: 6
   Old Thread  #1 13 Nov 2023 at 4.30pm    Login    Register
After sending my aqua 150 back I'm now on the lookout for a new system I'm hearing alot positive vibes on the frontier X ?
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