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 New Posts  Rehooked Barbel
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Posts: 388
   Old Thread  #40 31 Oct 2023 at 10.58am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #39
He implies that his new fish tv thing has been trolled and attacked by others - hence this video being 'created'
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   Old Thread  #39 31 Oct 2023 at 10.57am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #38
But why would they, what's the point of targeting a middle aged fisherman....
Posts: 111
   Old Thread  #38 31 Oct 2023 at 10.48am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #37
On reflection hoping it's a malicious attack using AI to copy his voice? With all his videos on youtube it would be possible for someone to do if they really wanted to.
Posts: 111
   Old Thread  #37 31 Oct 2023 at 8.38am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #24
Hard to see how this isn't true.

Personally I've always respected Martin Bowler and thought him one of the 'real' ones.

That's his reputation in the bin though if it is true.

Who's the person asking him?

Posts: 151
   Old Thread  #36 31 Oct 2023 at 8.18am    Login    Register
This kind of behaviour has been going on for years. I know one that paid locals to have photos taken with their catfish on the ebro and claim them as his captures. Several images of other people's captures ended up in his book. It's nothing new.
Posts: 614
   Old Thread  #35 30 Oct 2023 at 8.08pm  3  Login    Register
In reply to Post #14
I dont think any of these so called famous anglers have reputations just fronts, occasionally those fronts drop unintentionally when they have money on their minds.

Except Tel of course.
Posts: 4358
   Old Thread  #34 30 Oct 2023 at 7.45pm    Login    Register
I may be missing the point but

I canít see anywhere where bowler says to the captor you should rehook the barbel
I hear
You want to Rehook the barbel as in a question and he sounds iffy about doing that
Surely itís the captor whoís in the wrong who wants it videoed

Posts: 3358
   Old Thread  #33 30 Oct 2023 at 7.29pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #28
Is that like all the legal action threatened about the hormones?
Posts: 17017
   Old Thread  #32 30 Oct 2023 at 7.09pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #10
Exactly that, if it is true it is a real shame
Posts: 787
   Old Thread  #31 30 Oct 2023 at 5.38pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #30
It wasn't him that released the clip though, and I think Bowler will find it very difficult to even have a case

"This person released this clip and I want compo"
"Well, its claiming to be me saying that I want to rehook a Barbel"
".......But it is you though?"
"Prove it"
"Prove it isn't?"

Unless Bowler can get an admission that its Iranian level AI trickery then he's going to get nowhere. The fact you can hear the other angler, identify him rather easily, and theres evidence that its a Drennan video?

Good luck.
Posts: 11390
   Old Thread  #30 30 Oct 2023 at 5.28pm  2  Login    Register
In reply to Post #28
wouldnt be the first legal action Mr Battenburg has had and won
Posts: 355
   Old Thread  #29 30 Oct 2023 at 5.14pm  1  Login    Register
In reply to Post #6
Yeah, but those perch are something else when you fish for them with worms, that's bound to go wrong no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Been there as a kid also, and not just once.
Posts: 388
   Old Thread  #28 30 Oct 2023 at 5.09pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #27
Martin has written that someone has said they created the clip and that he's taking legal action. Whether or not that's the case is for others to decide.
Posts: 231
   Old Thread  #27 30 Oct 2023 at 4.28pm    Login    Register
I heard many years ago of a pike video that wasn't quite what it seemed. All the chat and tactics were covered in a day but there one thing missing..,, a fish! The angler fished it hard for several days and when he caught one, the camera crew were called back to complete the shoot!
Posts: 838
   Old Thread  #26 30 Oct 2023 at 3.48pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #25
Can't be anybody else surely?
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