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   Old Thread  #3 30 Oct 2023 at 11.18am  1  Login    Register
Have a look at Rushes Lake, Nick does a great food package too, give him a shout, sure he'll be able to help you
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   Old Thread  #2 29 Oct 2023 at 5.33am  1  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
Take a look at Legends at Tremblaye mate. Not sure how far from Calais as I always go via Le Havre or Caen but price wise fits the bill and it is a lovely lake with great owners and some really nice fish (had a stunning 43lber out this year, need to remember how to change my profile pic as may well update to that)
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   Old Thread  #1 29 Oct 2023 at 2.46am    Login    Register
Hi all, I'm looking for cheaper lake exclusives around the 500-600 mark within 4 hours of Calais if anyone knows of any?

Not interested in catching absolute units and doesn't have to have facilities on par with a Saudi Palace, just want a quiet week with the old man putting a bend in the rod and have a few beers with the BBQ

Many Thanks
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