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   Old Thread  #4 24 Nov 2023 at 10.11am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
I used it briefly many years ago but felt like the elasticity at the point the bait was picked up was working against setting the hook, not aiding it. Once the fish is at least nicked I could see the elasticity working in our favour.
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   Old Thread  #3 23 Nov 2023 at 2.05pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
Look up jim shelley parkside rig on youtube.
I saw a lot of fish get away with it when using a heavy lead.
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   Old Thread  #2 28 Oct 2023 at 11.51pm    Login    Register
Have you tried using a swivel instead of an Albright?
Iíve not used it in solid bags I used to just rub putty up and down the hooklink and use mesh bags.
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   Old Thread  #1 24 Oct 2023 at 9.35pm    Login    Register
I used triggalink when it first came out but absolutely hated it and probably ditched it after just a couple of trips. I hated the fact you had to use it as a combi link as I could never get the Albright knot to work, casting it out was awful, it looped up off the bottom and the colour was all wrong in my opinion. However, 10 years on and I have suddenly found myself taking a bit more interest in it again especially as most of my fishing on one water is with PVA bags. My thinking is that a short triggalink hooklength straight through to the hook could be an edge. No need for combi links, no issues with casting and I can now use the hook pens to alter the colour. Just wondering if anybody has experience of using it in this way and if it has proved to be more successful than a normal PVA bag rig?
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