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   Old Thread  #3 23 Oct 2023 at 9.55pm  0  Login    Register
Always check trustpilot reviews if your not sure about a website. Any problems and the bad reviews mount up pretty quickly. I saw some reels on that site but they seemed way too cheap..a quick look on Trustpilot confirmed my suspicious!
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   Old Thread  #2 7 Oct 2023 at 10.39pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
Thanks for letting us know 👍
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   Old Thread  #1 4 Oct 2023 at 2.23pm  1  Login    Register
I used this website a couple months ago to order some Fox line clip bits.
Paid my 11. Never heard anything

Done some research and found lots of other sites/forums saying they'd not received thought I would share here to save others the hassle of claiming the money back via their bank

Barclays have refunded me the 11 whilst they 'look into this further'
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