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 New Posts  ND Bait Boat 2 (iPhone app not connecting)
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   Old Thread  #4 18 Nov 2023 at 7.46pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
Its related to the apple store and the platform the apps are built on - the facebook group details it all.

I have a iphone 13 pro max and just cant get it to connect at all. I ended up buying a cheap andriod tablet and worked fine. Disappointing but not really to do with the ND
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   Old Thread  #3 4 Oct 2023 at 2.38pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
I had some teething issues initially (mainly around the purchase of the autopilot)
Nowadays, if the ND Boat app doesn't connect to the boat it's sometimes where I have flicked over to the Deeper app.

If I close the app and reload it connects fine. I'm not sure, but I think the app connects to the remote control (via bluetooth)...make sure the remote is close by and on

It sounds as though you've already done the main test, remove the app and reinstall
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   Old Thread  #2 4 Oct 2023 at 1.43pm  0  Login    Register
Ive not got a ND2 but follow the facebook page, just need to bite the bullet and buy one.

It seems on a whole theres a problem with Apple both using iphones and ipads, everyone seems to use Samsung tablets which work fine and you can pick up cheap.
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   Old Thread  #1 4 Oct 2023 at 12.28pm  0  Login    Register
I've found the app a little sketchy, and now can't seem to connect my boat to my iPhone? It does connect however to a friends A8 Samsung laptop ok?

Has anyone else got a reliable iphone connection? Is there any way to reset and try again. Ive deleted the app and reinstalled it with no success.

Thanks for any help
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