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   Old Thread  #8 27 Oct 2023 at 8.46am  0  Login    Register
I use the Gemini stems for the fox sized leads. I have just bought the new fox impact leads which have the cut out insert. In theory this should make them drop off - I've tried them by shaking the rig and it seems to work but time will tell.
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   Old Thread  #7 24 Oct 2023 at 5.57pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
Short length of lead-free leader is one option, I use about 6 inches or so. Splice a big-ring swivel onto one end through the loop on the swivel the big-ring goes through. Then splice a loop on the other end of the lead-free leader.

To use it, just loop-to-loop your rig onto the big ring of the swivel. Poke the barrel of the swivel into the hole on the bottom of the inline lead the line would normally go through, wrap the lead-free leader round the outside of the lead and secure it to the hollow stalk that pokes out the top of the lead using the tail rubber pulling it tight so its secured.

You can then pre-tie your PVA bags, and when needed just attach to your mainline with a simple grinner knot, you can also use rig tubing with this method, which you cant do with a loop-to-loop. I also usually use a bit of 2mm silicon tube to cover the join between the lead free leader and rig tubing, or use a short cut-down piece of a rig-aligner instead of silicon tubing.

If that's still not viable on your water, you can still pre-tie PVA bags using Korda Hybrid lead clips. Its a bit fiddly, but doable with practice, you just tie it so the loop of the hybrid lead clip just pokes out the top of the PVA bag, and use PVA tape/string to secure it to the lead clip - again simple grinner knot to attach to your mainline, slide the rig-tubing and tail rubber to cover the loop on the hybrid lead clip - I tend to cut the lug right off so if I get a take it always drops the lead, but remains on there for the retrieve

hope that makes sense ?
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   Old Thread  #6 4 Oct 2023 at 8.44pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #5
Take the lead out
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   Old Thread  #5 4 Oct 2023 at 7.12pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #3
Can’t use leadecore on any of the waters I fish
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   Old Thread  #4 4 Oct 2023 at 5.00pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #2
Yeah this will do. Thanks
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   Old Thread  #3 4 Oct 2023 at 5.56am  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
Little bit of leadcore
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   Old Thread  #2 2 Oct 2023 at 9.13pm  1  Login    Register
Use the Gemini double ring swivel leader with a solid bag tail rubber.
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   Old Thread  #1 2 Oct 2023 at 8.56pm  0  Login    Register
Whenever I use solid bags I use the Gemini stems. I like the ability to loop-to-loop on and off and the long stem is useful for tying the pva bag.

I’m fishing a very weedy water atm so I’d like to drop the lead. I’ve looked at some of the inline drop off systems like Korda but it doesn’t offer what I would like. I was hoping there might be a solution that provides similar properties to the Gemini stem… a long stem section at the top to wrap the pva bag around and allow for a loop-to-loop mechanism… but be able to drop the lead.

Is there such a thing out there?
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