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   Old Thread  #4 9 Oct 2023 at 7.39pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #3
Could,nt agree more
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   Old Thread  #3 9 Oct 2023 at 7.25am  1  Login    Register
In reply to Post #2
The only constant in these photos, is there is is a Chris Brown carbon somewhere in shot. Some of the photos are fifteen years or so old. It's the same net. I will have that CB carbon on the day that I die. I would imagine, it will be the ONLY item of tackle that went right through most of my carp angling life by that stage.

Chris is proper, his gear is proper. Made in the UK. It might not be for you, if you are after the latest fashion statement. But if you want a high quality net, that will last a lifetime.... There is only one choice.

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   Old Thread  #2 8 Oct 2023 at 11.38am  1  Login    Register
I've been using Chris's nets and rod rest systems since the 1980s and can only agree with this post and wholly endorse all of his products. Chris is a true gentleman and a very genuine guy who makes all his own stuff right here in the UK to top standards. Rugged and designed to last you won't be disappointed with any item of CB tackle👍
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   Old Thread  #1 22 Sept 2023 at 1.32pm  3  Login    Register
Decided my first post should be a useful one, so here's a quick review I hope will help anyone considering buying any Chris Brown kit.

I have owned my net for 2 seasons, so this is a review based on long term use.

I joined a syndicate on a lake where 50lb ish catfish are present, so I needed a net bigger than my 42. I found good reviews of CB's nets, but wasn't sure whether a cat net would be overkill for 50lb cats and a 50in carp net might be enough, so called him for advice. The advice given was brilliant, turns out a 60in standard cat net is way easier to handle than a traditional 50in, and actually maybe even easier than a 42in.

The engineering is brilliant - a bit agricultural looking but in operation you realise why. It's light as a feather, super easy to pop arms out when you need to and very easy to manoeuvre in the water.
At first glance, I thought the mesh looked very light and flimsy, but 2 seasons later it's still fine and I appreciate how that super light mesh is what makes it so easy to use.
Chris also supplied a very good quality stink bag.

Highest recommendation for Chris Brown based on every aspect of his business, quality engineering, great service and of course his gear is all proper stuff made by himself and not just shipped over in a container. I doubt I will ever buy a net from anyone else again.

Also, worth noting....Chris talked me out of buying a more expensive net than the one he recommended. Rare to deal with someone who puts the best customer service before profit!
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