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 New Posts  Quick release terminals for lithium battery
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   Old Thread  #3 22 Sept 2023 at 2.08pm  1  Login    Register
Iíve sussed it make thank youÖ I got an Anderson plug to an 8mm ring crimp terminal. Works a treat 👌🏻
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   Old Thread  #2 22 Sept 2023 at 11.17am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
Is it a threaded bar connection on the battery with a plastic screw on terminal top?
Mine are like that so I swapped my motor cables over to fork crimps which I can loosen slightly and just pull the wire from under the clamp
Posts: 251
   Old Thread  #1 20 Sept 2023 at 8.33am    Login    Register
Looking at buying my first lithium batteries, been using quick release terminal clamps on my lead acids, however Iíve seen the terminalís are different on the lithiums.. can anyone recommend anything please?
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