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Posts: 816
   Old Thread  #26 20 Sept 2023 at 4.38pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #25
I often reread the carp strikes back , John Harry's savay and tels first book.

I still nead to read waiting for waddle which is in its cardboard protection box.

Funny what I decide to read and not.
Posts: 6989
   Old Thread  #25 20 Sept 2023 at 3.20pm  1  Login    Register
I read and ,often read...Confessions of a carp Fisher,by BB ,my fave book and Cypry the Carp ,by Peter Mohan....both are inexplicably linked in the annals of history ,together ,literally...!
Posts: 1387
   Old Thread  #24 20 Sept 2023 at 2.15pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #23
Iíve just finished it again whilst away, Itís been a great read and the photos are spot on, I love the one near the end oh him in a boat on Bin el Ouidane.
Posts: 624
   Old Thread  #23 20 Sept 2023 at 9.15am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
based on this i brought a used copy of Cassien & Beyond

loving the old photos and just how the book is so far
Posts: 1009
   Old Thread  #22 20 Sept 2023 at 7.40am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #21
Same here hot mine from big one show but left it down south when I had a bad split with ex they are going for over £100
Posts: 3364
   Old Thread  #21 19 Sept 2023 at 10.45pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #20
The Eel Angler is a fantastic book. The best fishing book of recent years. Iím not an eel angler but I was engrossed.
Posts: 1009
   Old Thread  #20 19 Sept 2023 at 6.54pm    Login    Register
Flick of a tail-my joint favourite book
Fox pool -see above
Basilís bush-ok
wraysbury chronicles -very good read another favourite
Rod,pole or perch-funny and true to life
Cypry the carp-good
Redmire pool-(did have it but had a bad break up never got it back)
Canal carping-great read as it is what I love doing
Cassein and beyond-another one thatís a good read
The eel angler by Barry McConnell-another fantastic book but very pricey now
Posts: 1387
   Old Thread  #19 19 Sept 2023 at 8.23am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #17
Another Romp with carp is a fantastic read, seems a while since I dusted that one off.
Posts: 2011
   Old Thread  #18 18 Sept 2023 at 4.35pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #17
Love Spug. I keep asking him is he still in contact with fruit and veg lady
Posts: 13122
   Old Thread  #17 18 Sept 2023 at 3.56pm    Login    Register
Read over the last couple of years or so;

Another Romp with Carp, Albert Romp - brilliant
Carping Mad - Spug Redfern - brilliant
Carping Mad 3 - Spug Redfern - brilliant
My Misspent Youth - Pecky - brilliant
Sticklebacks to Throwing Sticks - Tom Bankes - hard going
Rolling in The Deep - Adam Penning - hard going

Just about to start Nashy's two Memoir of a carp Fisher books,
Posts: 1037
   Old Thread  #16 17 Sept 2023 at 12.32pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #15
I enjoyed the wraysbury chronicles . Chris Yates casting at the sun is one I've read a few times .
Posts: 17017
   Old Thread  #15 17 Sept 2023 at 8.10am    Login    Register
I havenít read a book for a while, now Iím thinking why

I have a few older ones that I like to read, Albert Romps original romp with Carp, John Harry, both on Savay, which I have never fished and never will, and anything on Wraysbury ticks my box, both what I would call proper carp waters, captivated me, reading about them at the time, love it

I have the Wraysbury chronicles boxed up somewhere, started to read it and never finished it, maybe this is the next one to read
Posts: 44
   Old Thread  #14 16 Sept 2023 at 10.28am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
One of my favourite books is "Quest for Carp by Jack Hilton" got me really exited about carp fishing. I found this book by accident in the sports section of the library in the 70s and since then bought a 2nd hand copy at a country show a few years ago. A lot of tales fishing at Redmire and Ashlea pool by some of the best carp anglers in the day ! "Brilliant Book" real old school.
Posts: 1387
   Old Thread  #13 15 Sept 2023 at 6.56am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #12
Good Morning Stuart,
A good read neednít be the most expensive one thatís for sure, Iíve been re-reading all of Tom Sharpe paperbacks picked up from charity shops of late, and every page I turn brings a smile 😂😂😂 theyíre nothing to do with fishing, but I remembered they made me smile inside and out 😂😂😂
Posts: 152
   Old Thread  #12 14 Sept 2023 at 9.36pm    Login    Register
I'm currently reading "How to fish" by Chris Yates, which I've found to be very enjoyable so far. The book revolves around a days perch fishing on the river and is a collection of digressive "jottings" written during that day. Unsurprisingly, given the author, the book is in no way an instruction manual on "how to fish" at all. It only cost me £3.50 second hand as well.
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