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 New Posts  Rowing boat sonar/fish finder
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   Old Thread  #5 20 Sept 2023 at 10.21pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
Lowrance hook reveal 5 or raymarine dragonfly 5pro would be my go to for proper gps and chirp/downview. I have been able to compair the two side by side and thought the 5 pro had the edge but it is probably £100 ish more expensive. Look at somewhere like canoe shop group (Cornwall canoes) or force 4 chandlery at a starting place.
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   Old Thread  #4 3 Sept 2023 at 7.12am  1  Login    Register
Echo below love mine also 👍
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   Old Thread  #3 1 Sept 2023 at 7.06pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #2
cheers mate, i only need one for france as i like messing about in the rowing boat
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   Old Thread  #2 1 Sept 2023 at 5.16pm    Login    Register
I bought the Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro following a recommendation on this forum. Very happy with it. Very easy to use and the combination of Downvision and Chirp echo gives a good impression of what is below you. Donít use the GPS much, but adding waypoints is easy to do and seems accurate enough. Itís caused me zero bother reliability wise, Iíd recommend it.

WaveInn currently have them at a decent price.
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   Old Thread  #1 1 Sept 2023 at 4.52pm    Login    Register
Who uses one?

whats a decent one ?

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