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 New Posts  Braided mainline
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   Old Thread  #8 29 Nov 2023 at 11.02am    Login    Register
Pike aren't bothered about treble hooks and 18inches of wire trace so use 50lb minimum. I use 65lb powerpro (0.41mm) for deadbaiting.
If you get snagged up the idea is you can hopefully straighten the treble and get the baited rig back.
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   Old Thread  #7 2 Oct 2023 at 12.53pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
I use 60-80lb braid on the rivers..
If i get snagged i can attempt to pull the hook straight or pull out the snag. Last thing i want is leaving a baited rig in the drink.
Pike dont measure the braid so finesse not needed.
General deadbaiting dont go below 50lb. I use Proberos of evil bay- 4strand PE -cheap as.
Posts: 998
   Old Thread  #6 30 Sept 2023 at 8.28am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #3
Defo floating braid for pike and gives you more options for float fishing and drifting baits and as others have said I would look at the Chinese braid 30lb will be fine for most situations.
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   Old Thread  #5 6 Aug 2023 at 9.48am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
I have used Spectra extreme dyneema braid for donkeys never had a problem with it.Ebay you will find it.
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   Old Thread  #4 4 Aug 2023 at 9.50am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
Until recently I used 65lb green braid from China, can't remember the brand as I bought it about 25 years ago in bulk, used it for everything else too, spod/marker/reel. With the Chinese prices it's hard to ignore it and considering it's used a lot by sea boat anglers feedback will tell you if it' any good. Same goes for fly line backing, use Chinese stuff for that too rather than pay silly prices.

As your fishing close in I'd be going as heavy as you feel confident with. I guess if free lining you might want to consider floating/sinking but with that much out it wouldn't bother me personally.

I recently upgraded my Pike fishing gear and switched to Power Pro as not price dependent anymore and using bait caster reels so don't need that much, gets very good reviews but quite pricey.
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   Old Thread  #3 26 Jul 2023 at 9.23pm    Login    Register
Would you want a floating braid? That close not a sinking braid?

Iíve never fished dead bait so just curious
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   Old Thread  #2 21 Jul 2023 at 11.39am    Login    Register
I would recommend 40lb (0.33) Power Pro
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   Old Thread  #1 20 Jul 2023 at 7.27pm    Login    Register
Looking to spool up with braid for dead baiting. Never used a braided mainline before so it's new to me. I'm looking for recommendations of reliable but reasonably priced braid lines. Don't need to be casting more than 20-30 yards so diameter isn't an issue, more reliability and cost being the main factors

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