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   Old Thread  #1 14 Jun 2023 at 3.55pm  2  Login    Register
Thought it might be useful having a sticky of Online Tackle Shops.

Although I would always advocate shopping with your local tackle shop (use them or lose them) they don't always have what you require (like mine 99% of the time)

If I have any missing that you have a good experience with let me know.

This isn't a slag a online retailer off thread, so keep that outside of this post, anything posted to that effect will get deleted.

Angling Direct
BobCo Fishing Tackle
Bristol Carp Angling Centre
Browns Angling
Danson Angling
England Angling
Fish on Tackle
Future Fishing
Gerrys Fishing
Glasgow Angling
Harefield Tackle
Hull Angling
Johnson Ross
Outlaw Pro Ltd
Poingdestres Angling Centre
The Tackle Box
Tavern Tackle
Tackle UK
Todber Manor
Total Fishing Tackle
Totally Hooked

*this list has been taken from other 'Best Online Tackle Shop threads" and recommendations
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   Old Thread  #5 20 Nov 2023 at 8.31pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #4
Johnson ross 👌👌been going there for over 20 years,IMO nothing else compares
Posts: 152
   Old Thread  #4 30 Sept 2023 at 11.20am  0  Login    Register
I think Yateley Angling Centre should be added to the list. They are, alongside The Tacklebox and Johnson Ross, the best tackle shop I've ever dealt with.
Posts: 5158
   Old Thread  #3 24 Aug 2023 at 3.52pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
ProTackleShop Poland

Click Here

I've used this tackle shop based in Poland quite a few times, quick delivery and great prices on their offers (my experience has mostly revolved around lures & fly fishing).

Regards import duties from the EU

Due to the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union and the end of the BREXIT procedure, we would like to inform you that our prices for the British market include VAT.

Order value up to 134.99 - nothing changes, we pay VAT.

Order with a value over 135 - we refund the VAT to the customer immediately after shipment.
The customer pays VAT and duty upon receipt of the shipment or later upon receipt of the invoice from the carrier.
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   Old Thread  #2 22 Jun 2023 at 10.33am  1  Login    Register
Few more to add that I have used

Gerrys Fishing
Glasgow Angling
Todber Manor
Totally Hooked
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