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   Old Thread  #12 10 Nov 2023 at 8.28am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #11
Sorry only just seen this, Awesome trip loved it Siamese up to 90lb, will have to go back to catch a 100lber
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   Old Thread  #11 1 Nov 2023 at 2.21pm  1  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
How was the trip GAF17?
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   Old Thread  #10 16 Jun 2023 at 9.51am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #9
been twice, take as much glug or liquids as poss, tins of spam or pepparami etc for the cats, and as noted before, fish hard for the full day, my best fish came 1st thing the very end, last knockings under the rod tip after trickling bits of fish, pellet, etc in the margin, rods just poking over the edge etc. Absolutely love the place
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   Old Thread  #9 11 Jun 2023 at 6.46pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #8
Cheers Ashley thanks for your reply
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   Old Thread  #8 11 Jun 2023 at 10.14am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #7
Hi Gareth,
I went for 4 days a few years back at the start of a Birthday trip to Thailand. We stayed in one of the bungalows. Everything that has been said is good advice which is species specific. I took Castaways solid bags as suggested for the carp and method feeders too plus Korda wide gape XX size 2 hooks and some Goo as suggested. I took a selection of tackle bits like stringer needles and boilie stops plus a range of pop ups etc so i could be more independent. I worked my backside off each day spombing balls of the pellet which you water down until it becomes a method type mix. As mentioned be very accurate and fish over the top with a method feeder and 3 little poly balls on the hook popped up off the lead for Mekong and Siamese. I had Mekong to over 100lb doing this rather than the pop ups. I was also advised to take a few tins of the bacon grill type tinned ham as i wanted a Redtail catfish which i had as the sun went down on nearly half a tin of meat!! I lost a Ray on a bunch of worms that were left to me by a guy that took kilos of them from Willys Worms but was leaving. Listen to the guides as they are excellent and keep bait going in. It's not cheap but facilities are excellent so you'll love it .
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   Old Thread  #7 10 Jun 2023 at 4.12pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #6
Andy you the man thanks for that
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   Old Thread  #6 10 Jun 2023 at 4.32am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
Hi, only been once but found a lot of info on here and by asking a few guys who had been. Only fished for 2.5 days but did manage a few up to 95lb.
Things I took. Pva bags bulk, Cork sticks, goo, catfish braid 100lb i think (tackle box), solar 101 size 2 hooks, Korda continentals large hooks, mesh tights for hook baits, hook sharpener, spomb, catapult, pop ups, plus swivels and general rig bits.
Swim wise you will likely be put on the S swims which are opposite the bungalows to start. Log with the guides what you want to catch etc and they will move you around as swims come available.
Bait as tight as possible, on the first swim it was 19 wraps (10') so 190' they provide sticks as wrap guides. The supplied tackle is cat rods and reels with heavy braid. When wrapping up keep it really tight as overruns/birds nest will occur.
On the bungalow side it was 11 wraps I think but the guides will advise. The guides will rig you up, bait and cast if you want them to.
The bar food is good and there is a swim service for snacks and drinks etc.
We hired the lounge bit for making up bags and rigs. As advised get to the swim at least 30 mins before fishing time to get rigs, bait and wraps sorted.
Hope you have a great trip, the staff were really informative and helpful when there.
The monster carp video is worth watching for rig tips.
Be Lucky 🎣🎣
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   Old Thread  #5 8 Jun 2023 at 12.19pm    Login    Register
The only double bagging required is for the lodge furthest away, Mwister Dudley from Little Britain always books this one
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   Old Thread  #4 8 Jun 2023 at 8.44am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #3
Thank you for your in-depth reply Carp corner
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   Old Thread  #3 7 Jun 2023 at 10.42am  1  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
A few recommendations from my time there.

Take multiple swim type shorts and a towel to your swim each day. You are in the water for photographs, so rather than sit in wet shorts uncomfortable all day you can have a dry pair on and the others drying in the sun.

Get to the swim in advance of when fishing starts at 7 so you can be casting in at 7. Several times we had takes within 10 minutes of the fishing starting that wouldn't have happened if we didn't get organised early.

Take a little bivvy table if you have room. They can be very handy instead of having things on the floor.

Confirm if still allowed, but when we went we used liquids with the guides to change the flavour of the loose feed which accounted for new/various species when changed to fruity, squid etc.

Wifi wasn't always the best (may be better now), so take an iPad with some films on, or a book or something for passing the time.

Mosquitos are present, so take some repellent of some description. On a recommendation we used some incense sticks that worked well.

If taking terminal tackle just make sure it is strong as it isn't for the faint-hearted.

We used the slow melt bags from Castaway PVA. You hear of some people doubling up the bags because of the humidity and water temperature, but they worked fine on our trip.

Particularly the first days we used the rigs provided whilst finding our feet, I would take a file just to touch up the points as the rigs are not necessarily brand new.

I could point you in the direction of which swims and spots we caught different species of fish, but you are really better off asking the guides as they will have bang up to date info. Just tell them which species you want to target and they'll point you in the right direction.

You hear of some fisheries out there charging for AC in the rooms and some other unexpected costs, but there was none of that there when we went, a full itemised bill was produced on the last day to settle up.

Might not be your personal cup of tea, but we had an afternoon on the little lake which was great fun on lighter gear, I could look back but we must have caught 10 different species up to about 20lb.

We're booked up to go back, can't wait.

Hope you have a great trip.
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   Old Thread  #2 6 Jun 2023 at 11.18am    Login    Register
Take lots of PVA solid bags!
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   Old Thread  #1 6 Jun 2023 at 11.09am    Login    Register
i am off to Gillhams in a few weeks i'm after a few tips if anyone can help.
i'm wondering which are the best swims?
what end tackle i should take?
and any general tips please.
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