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 New Posts  Dead bait rod
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   Old Thread  #1 14 Dec 2022 at 8.03am    Login    Register
Hi all,

Having given away my old carp rods (which were my go to dead bait rods) to a chap in work and reluctant to use my high end carp for flinging deads I am in the market for some dead bait rods.

I use a drennan lure rod which I am a big fan of so am drawn to the drennan pike flex 10ft 2.75lb t/c as will be fishing short range with fairly small baits.

I'm not looking to spend a great deal as do minimal dead baiting but other cheap and cheerful rods I have stumbled across are the warrior dead bait, black widow dead bait and the wychwood agitator bait rod (which I can get as an epic bargain price). Does anyone have experience with any of these rods or others in the sub 80/rod bracket that they could recommend?

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