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 New Posts  Stolen Ipswich/Colchester area
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   Old Thread  #1 10 Nov 2020 at 9.36pm    Login    Register
Had the following stolen last night. Cash reward for information about who, where or the return of any of the following.

3xFreespirit 12’Hi s 3.5 TC 40mm But- Abbreviated Handle (one has a specific mark on it)
3x Freespirit 13’Hi s Ive 50mm But- Abbreviated Handle (one has a specific mark on it)
1x Bruce Ashby 12’ Rocketeer Spod rod (Mint)
2x 12’ Spod rods 1 Carp Unlimited – 1 Trevs of Wilmslow Standard builds/40mm buts
4x Shimano Power Aero XT 10000 reels and 3 spare spools (like hens teeth)
3x Shimano 5500 Ultegra XTB reels
3x Shimano Ultegra 12000 XTA reels loaded with Power Pro Braid and spare spools
1 Shimano XTD Spod reel Brand new loaded with Whiplash
2x Shimano Aerelex 6000
Solar Stainless Worldwide Pod with the extra’s
Solar Stainless Sod Pod Tri Post 6 and 9 inch
4x Green Delkim Txi Plus and receiver
4x Matrix Compressors with Multi Heads and various Defiant MPS and Solar indicator systems
Fox Carbon Folding 42’ Landing Net
Cotswold Aquarius Trident 12’ 3 rod rod holdall
Freespirit 46’ E net
Freespirit 46’ S net with 2 piece 8ft handle


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