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 New Posts  German rig questions
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   Old Thread  #9 18 Apr 2020 at 7.31pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #8
I would think more about the movement at the hook end than I would the end simply connecting the rig to the mainline.

I purely use anti-tangle sleeves to do exactly that and stop the rig wrapping itself back round the mainline upon casting. It has no bearing in my opinion on hooking properties and is only there to ensure the rig is presented properly
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   Old Thread  #8 18 Apr 2020 at 9.42am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #7
The reason i worry about the anti tangle sleeve is because there is no breaking in the coating so was just wondering if the sleeve would hinder movement of the rig and prevent hook turning. With traditional combi rigs you have the supple bit at the end so the anti tangle sleeve doesnt affect the hook catchimg hold. Tying it to the ring gives more movement than the anti tagle sleeve and i normaly tie rigs direct to ring swivel for this reason. That is my thinking but alot of people say it doesnt seem to affect rig mechanics so will give it a go.
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   Old Thread  #7 17 Apr 2020 at 10.06pm  1  Login    Register
I normally tie my German Rigs with ESP Tungsten Semi Stiff. I find this to work for me. I have also used Korda IQ2 and found this to be just as effective!

With regards to an anti tangle sleeve, I canít say it has ever caused me any problems! I would use it on any other standard Lead Clip Presentations so why would it be any different for a German Rig?

Something I also like to do is use a small piece of shrink tube just to cover the eye of the hook and help to keep the aggressive angle of the braid on the exit of the hook.

It is a brilliant rig and I have 100% confidence in it
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   Old Thread  #6 7 Apr 2020 at 4.36pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #5
I use an anti tangle sleeve and have never had an issue.I use wafters and have a tungsten sinker not too far from the eye of the hook,the sinker seems to pull the hook down into the fishes bottom lip as it picks up the bait
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   Old Thread  #5 5 Apr 2020 at 10.20am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #4
Yes i use Muggas all the time so they are my hook of choice. I just worry with an anti tangle sleeve it restricts movement so tying it to the ring surely helps the hook move and turn
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   Old Thread  #4 5 Apr 2020 at 9.10am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
Soft to semi stiff work well, no stiffer

Ive always found movement key with it. I either tie it to a ring swivel or use a qc clip with a slither of silicone to keep it secure

My tips for you are, use a big hook, size 4 or 2 curve shank (i use a mugga) and put a big dollop of putty between an inch and 2 inches from the hook
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   Old Thread  #3 5 Apr 2020 at 7.58am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
Started using this for the start on this year on a water with a total braid ban, used ghost soft. It worked well enough. Prefer combi rig with a soft braid section but needs, must.
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   Old Thread  #2 5 Apr 2020 at 6.40am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1
Personally I use a semi stiff braid, esp tungsten loaded and use a small anti tangle sleeve to add the re setting.
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   Old Thread  #1 4 Apr 2020 at 6.07pm    Login    Register
Hi guys

Im going to give the german a go this season when i can eventually go fishing. Going to tie a few up and i have a few questions to ask people who have had lots of experience using it:

- can you use it with a soft coated braid or is better to use with stiffer coated braids? Reason i ask is i do prefer a softer coated hooklink but do also use stiffer ones.

- do you use anti-tangle sleeve on lead clip set up or tie it direct to the ring swivel to aid movement?

Many thanks
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