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 New Posts  Stolen Gear
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   Old Thread  #2 18 Feb 2020 at 9.18am    Login    Register
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So sad. What about the police? Did you ask them for help? They should investigate such things. But I'm sometimes also don't even call the police because i know the result. Btw - have you heard about Association against abuse of power by police? Maybe their control can force police to work better...
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   Old Thread  #1 23 Dec 2019 at 6.13pm    Login    Register
Hi on monday 16th December my fishing tackle was stolen from the Devon?Cornwall border the most noticable are 4 Century AK 47 twin tip Built by Yateley Tackle and marked as so 4 as new original Shimano big pits Blue faced rubens scales lots of nix angling bags and a custom unhooking mat polly balls over foam thanks for any help Andy
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