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 New Posts  Recent trip to the Secret Garden.
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   Old Thread  #2 8 Oct 2019 at 1.04pm  0  Login    Register
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Looks like one Hell of a trip Ken, hope your Lady Wife is well on the mend.
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   Old Thread  #1 8 Oct 2019 at 12.49pm  0  Login    Register
A few from our recent trip to France (The Secret Garden…and what a place it is too!)

This is the same fish as the above, caught six days later. Prior to the above capture the fish had not been out for 18 months! I think it liked the bait. I'll be writing a Blog about the trip in a few days.

Tat broke three bones in her foot just a few days into the trip. This put a bit of a crimp in her style but she triumphed in the end. Here she plays one of the Secret's biggies with her leg in a cast. What a brilliant lass she is!

This is the result!

Simple rig, double Pro HNV Wafters on a size 4 JPrecision wide gape.

The trip was one of the best (if not THE best) we have ever had, despite the broken bones! Happy Days!!!

I use Pidge's Pro HNV (Blake's Baits) for the first time. I think you can say it was very effective! I also used the house bait from Dutch firm Eddy Sterckx and UCN's Ultimate E Liquid and I will write about my experiences with this remarkable liquid in the Blog…Too much to detail here!
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