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 New Posts  Specialized Hook Baits - Catch Report and Q+A
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   Old Thread  #1517 24 Apr 2023 at 7.37am  13  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1514
Quote... I would keep the real gold dust to yourself though otherwise it will be raped and pilfered.

I am not silly mate. I've kept those secrets for more than a decade. For years, I kept my mouth completely shut. But that has been to the detriment of the thing I love and have always been obsessed about. Fishing. I've now become an expert in talking about things, without giving away the real secrets about the hook baits. I can help carp anglers so massively with what I have learned over my fishing life. One thing I do know, is one little comment from me online now, leads to big changes at other bait firms. Trust me, they would all love to know what we are up too, without exceptions. Walk around any of the top syndicates in this country, and you will see why.

Self perception, is an incredibly hard thing to gauge when everything changes in your life. I have not always dealt with that the best, I know that.

So many things that you lot do not know. The real reason we stopped selling hard coated hook baits... Was because I realised that another bait firm, had sussed we were using citric acid in our F1 coating. This was very stupid of me, a real school boy error. To easy to detect in a powdered coating. There is a member of this very forum, who used to work for this firm when we first started. He had told us right at the start to be wary.... Our original coated S1 had sat in a prominent position at this firms desk, for more than a year. Everyone who visited, was asked if they knew how we were doing this. A year later the same firm tried to use this concept to sell very expensive freezer baits. It failed. Everything is scrutinised. It's big money. That's business, you have to deal with it.

I ain't a noddy, but they are.... So I can handle that kind of thing with them, no problems. We just stopped selling coated hook baits, and told everybody how to coat the baits themselves. Within a year, lots of bait firms were selling coated boilies.

There's another nauser though, who's far worse. He was copying me from before the hook baits were ever put on sale. Magazine articles about two things I wrote on the old Cemtex forum, before SHB was ever even a thing. The sands of time, have proved what a fraud this man was/is. The bait company he was with at the time, who went on to sell 'cured' hookbaits six months after we started (not their fault for believing him).... Have done fantastic things, EVER SINCE he was no longer there. He had them over as well, they found out exactly how clueless he actually was. He was then at another firm, with a budget that could not fail... Which very quickly failed, after producing truly shocking bait off of his back. Years of carp shows and magazine articles, influencing novice carpers..... Years of absolute waffle. Now the cheeky sausage is referring to me in podcasts I'm told, because he needs to remain relevant for some free boilie stops. The dearly departed Paul Forward, was so astute in his observations about the bloke in his Carpworld series.

I truly feel quite sorry for the lads who have taken up our pastime over the past decade. There are sharks swimming in the water who smell blood.... They need to be very careful when consuming media. RESULTS ARE EVERYTHING. Talk is cheap. Everything is copied, by those who do that sort of thing. I look at what happened to my childhood hero Rod, and it all makes more sense. I have literally become a jedi warrior in the art of keeping schtum over the past decade. Bait firms now advertise for 'team members'... Part of the deal for getting 50p off a kilo, is you have to help sell bait for them on social media. They openly state this. Don't matter if the bait don't work.... Just help sell our bait for us online in anyway at all possible, and you can be on our 'team'. What a truly sad state of affairs.

Here is the really good thing for us though. The explosion in novice anglers over the last decade... Eventually those novice carp anglers all become, good anglers. They start fishing proper UK syndicates, ones that do not contain 10 billion carp... Then they wake up, and realise that no one is chucking 'cheeky little' bread bombs at 60's, or pouring goo on their cardboard pop ups.... Then they come see us.

Now it's time for us to step properly into the bait arena, and me to open my mouth about what I know a little bit more. Now it's time to start selling products in every tackle shop across Europe. They all want it. I have many incredible things, that I have never even been able to even speak about... Simply because we have never been in a position to sell the stuff on the scale required if I did. That's all about to change, if things pan out well. I am now at the stage, where keeping our circle small and trustworthy, I need to work 15 hours a day, seven days a week. That cannot go on forever, or I will keel over.
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   Old Thread  #1516 22 Apr 2023 at 10.42pm  3  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1515
Roe Deer mate

Last out in the draw, ended up picking La Plage first then moved to Roe Deer on the Tuesday, and it paid off almost instantly.
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   Old Thread  #1515 22 Apr 2023 at 8.15am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1510
Lee, is that Dredgers point
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   Old Thread  #1514 21 Apr 2023 at 6.55pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1511
I hope some of you find them interesting. Both of them will get posted on here at some point. They will 100% help you catch more carp, whoever you are.

Looking forward to these

I would keep the real gold dust to yourself though otherwise it will be raped and pilfered
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   Old Thread  #1513 21 Apr 2023 at 6.04pm  1  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1511
There's a key to ordering your it well before the spring when all the fair weather lot appear
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   Old Thread  #1512 21 Apr 2023 at 3.51pm  1  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1511
Look forward to reading them mate 👍
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   Old Thread  #1511 21 Apr 2023 at 7.11am  12  Login    Register
S3 crushed cork pop ups in 13mm & 16mm, in both standard red & white.

Pink S2 balanced, in both 13mm & 16mm.

GPB1 & GPB2 16/12mm bottom bait barrels.

GPB1 13mm crushed cork pop ups.

These are being added to the website over the next few days.

We now have a two week waiting time on all orders. We will always do our best to get your orders out to you much faster than this, but when we go out of stock of a certain product.... We cannot simply knock up a ton of pop ups for the following day like everyone else can. Real quality, takes time to produce. This means, that during exceptionally busy times, we can often be out of stock of a certain product, for up to two weeks. We currently cannot make GPB2 16mm balanced fast enough for example. That is just one variation, of one product.

Please, please, please until I am blue in the face stop PMing important questions about orders on here. I never ever see them in a suitable time scale. We have messages disabled on Facebook and Instagram, because we used to receive far to many inquiries on a busy day to reply too.... If I could disable PM's on here, I would too. We have a mobile number on the contact page of our website for our lucky customers.... Use it. You will get your reply rapidly and we will always do whatever we can to help. The contact email is also being removed from our website today. A simple message is being added alongside the mobile number, requesting customers to text or WhatsApp message the work mobile regarding order queries or delays. Never to ring, because the phone is always on silent and is never answered or we would get no work done. The mobile number is there for customers orders. It is not a free big carp tuition line.

While I was away at Easter... As requested, I came up with a business plan.... To offer UK carp anglers the kind of products which they have never been able to purchase from us (or anyone else) before. I also wrote a couple of very extensive articles about bait mechanics on the beach. The second one, specifically about hook baits. So many confused carp anglers regarding carp bait. Confused by YouTube/social media experts, who in reality, don't have a clue themselves.

I hope some of you find them interesting. Both of them will get posted on here at some point. They will 100% help you catch more carp, whoever you are.
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   Old Thread  #1510 17 Apr 2023 at 10.53am  7  Login    Register
Forum member Im_smashing_it (Lee). New pb 59lb. Second year running Lee has gone to France and bust his pb with our S2.


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   Old Thread  #1509 10 Apr 2023 at 11.48am  7  Login    Register
We were completely up to date with all orders, up until Tuesday midday. We literally sent out tonnes of stuff Easter week. By far our busiest ever Easter, by a long way. We now have a two week waiting time on all orders unfortunately going forwards.

I was asked to come up with a business plan by someone I trust, but Iíve had no time to do so. For something incredibly important for the future. But no time. I finally have a few days off now to do so.

46lb8oz S2. Clint canít stop catching big carp.

42+ new pb Yateley GPB2



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   Old Thread  #1508 31 Mar 2023 at 9.51pm  1  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1505
Just done my first order👍
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   Old Thread  #1507 28 Mar 2023 at 8.02pm  2  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1506
Thanks Mark. Thatís PBs at home and abroad now using the s2.
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   Old Thread  #1506 28 Mar 2023 at 8.46am  6  Login    Register
Iím quite sure Dan is a member of this forum. If not he is looking in as a guest. Well done Dan 💪🏻

65lb+ Gigantica, S2.

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   Old Thread  #1505 28 Mar 2023 at 8.44am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1501
Everything is still going out quite fast at the moment Dean.
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   Old Thread  #1504 23 Mar 2023 at 10.17pm  1  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1498
They are good enough for either, I do normally fish them over a bit of bait though just like you normally would bud
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   Old Thread  #1503 23 Mar 2023 at 8.53pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1502
Thanks for the reply
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