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 New Posts  Specialized Hook Baits - Catch Report and Q+A
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   Old Thread  #1536 29 Apr 2023 at 8.03am  4  Login    Register
Got too many captures to even mention, itís clubbing season now. But this one needs a mention. Another forum member Mark, with a pukka 47lb15oz club lake common. A new PB. Bloody well done Mark. (Looks a winter capture too from that backdrop).


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   Old Thread  #1535 29 Apr 2023 at 7.50am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1534
Thank you. Thatís exactly why Matt. Itís also a massive part of why sweetcorn is so attractive to all fishÖ Because itís mainly water. Because of that, lake water transfer happens instantly when the sweetcorn goes into the lake. Every attractive food signal, floods out of it to a fish instantly.

What I am telling anglers to do with their boilies, will make exactly the same boilie, so much more attractive to a carp, instantly. It cannot fail to catch you more carp over a period of time if you use boilies. Lots more carp.

Watch all your favourite anglers on YouTube, or in the mags/books over the last 30 yearsÖ They will virtually all be using dry boilies straight from the bag. I donít get to go fishing much anymore, I'm a sad joey now.... So giving up any of my little edges in my own angling, ainít the end of the world.

This one, should completely change the way a smart carp angler thinks about his bait.
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   Old Thread  #1534 28 Apr 2023 at 8.12am  1  Login    Register
Hi Mark, yes fine thanks for asking, you are certainly doing well fair play to you.

Just one more thought on this in my early carp fishing days in the late 80s we used to roll Geoff Aminos with salmon oil peach and black pepper literally on the was still warm when it was fed and hadn't skinned. Best bait I have ever used....maybe that's why, same principle it would have still had a lot of water in it from boiling.

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   Old Thread  #1533 27 Apr 2023 at 8.37pm    Login    Register
13 & 16mm pink S2 balanced.
12mm red S3 corkballs
13 & 16mm red S3 crushed cork pop ups.
13 & 16mm white S3 crushed cork pop ups.
13mm GPB1 crushed cork pop ups.
16/12mm GPB1 bottom bait barrels.
16/12mm GPB2 bottom bait barrels

These have all been added to the website tonight. Unfortunately all prices have had to be increased very slightly. Been holding off, but it had to happen. Everything we buy in has skyrocketed. We have put prices up by approx 5-6% (£1 per tub). Our costs have gone up so much more than that recently. Some things have literally doubled.
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   Old Thread  #1532 27 Apr 2023 at 8.30pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #1529
Thanks Matt, i hope you are well.
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   Old Thread  #1531 27 Apr 2023 at 7.03pm  2  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1529
or make your own boilies and only lightly boil them, paste-like in the middle, just different to the majority.

Edit: Ive just read Marks last 3 posts aimed at the ready rolled boilie, makes my post a little irrelevant

Now thinking even more about bait absorption, texture and water solubility

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   Old Thread  #1529 27 Apr 2023 at 3.30pm  1  Login    Register
interesting and thought provoking Mark - I've fished soaked baits for a few years now and particularly on pressured waters it's definitely a massive edge when everyone else is firing in rock hard baits.


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   Old Thread  #1528 27 Apr 2023 at 6.42am  7  Login    Register
Last time, we spoke about how to make the boiled baits which you make at home far more effective by cold fermenting the paste. Today, we are going to speak about how to make your shop purchased freezer, or readymade boilies, far more effective in a pressured carp fishing situation. Any and all of them. Not many of us have the time to roll our own boilies at home anymore, so these are what most of us use.
I'm going to help you to catch more carp than all of your mates. Next time you go to France or you go on a social with your friends... You are going to be a so much better angler, because of what you are about to read. You will catch more carp than those around you because of it. Everybody wants to catch more carp, that's why we all go in the first place. No one is trying to sell you anything at all. Last time, the only extra ingredient you needed, was time. This time, there's one more extra ingredient which you are going to need on top of your normal freezer/readymade baits. You will need a little water. Previously boiled tap water will be fine. If you have some good quality honey at home, that will help too, but it's not essential, the luke warm water is.
Boilies have played an incredible part in the history of carp angling. They pretty much transformed carp fishing along with the hair rig. Allowing us to keep baits in the water for far longer than before. Since their inception many years ago though, carp fishing has changed out of all recognition. The fish are now more pressured than ever before. If you work five days a week and you get very little time. You need to maximise your time on the bank to the very limits. The convenience of boilies, is one of the greatest things about them. We are able to store them in a freezer, or readymade ones we can keep in a bucket. All water obviously needs to be removed from them during production for storage purposes. The problem is, a carp is a wild creature that lives under water. So water, is a very important part of the equation for a carp, regarding anything it eats. That seems to be lost on us as carp anglers a little though. We would rather convenience for storage, and are also obsessed with how things smell in our environment of air. If you throw a completely dried-out piece of sweetcorn, next to a big carp sitting in some snags... It will not even realise that it is food, until it soaks up a little water. Throw a normal wet piece of sweetcorn next to the same carp... It can sense it in an instant. Hemp, tigers, natural baits like this that we put into the water, they are all already wet. They are instantly attractive to carp. If you really think about it, why would you throw dried out 20mm balls of food into the lake, if you only have a day session or maybe a single night to fish? Most of them take ages to actually fill up with water. Simply understanding the mechanics of how things work underwater regarding bait... Is far more important to you than any fancy rig, or £500 fishing rod. It is, if you actually want to catch more carp anyway. Here's another great example of the same thing. Have you ever wondered why boilie crumb, is more attractive to a carp than the same 20mm boilie which it was crumbed from? Simple water transfer is the answer. The 20mm boilie is bound together with eggs. This creates a hardened skin around the outside which helps to deter smaller fish. But it also slows down water ingress. That's a big problem. By crumbing that same boilie, you are opening it up, allowing the water to fill every particle rapidly when it's thrown into the water. It's the same thing, but one is more attractive than the other. Why? Speedy water transfer is why. That is the biggest downfall of the humble boilie. Put your favourite boilie into a glass of cold water, see how long it takes for it to get wet right through to the centre. It could be upwards of twelve hours or more. Do you work five days a week? Do you really have twelve hours to waste waiting for your bait to reach its full potential when you go fishing? No, nor do I.
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   Old Thread  #1527 27 Apr 2023 at 6.37am  6  Login    Register
Twelve hours before you go fishing, place your favourite boilies into a bucket, and add a measured amount of pre boiled, warm water to them. If you want to dissolve a spoonful of honey into the water first, it certainly will not hurt at all. The water is the most important thing though. That is going to unlock all of the goodies that are already inside your favourite boilie. What you are looking to achieve, is to make those boilies wet through to the centre. You do not want, or need to turn them to mush. Just enough water, to wet them all the way through to the centre. Once you know how much water to add to a set amount of your favourite boilies, you are golden for the future. It takes a surprisingly small amount of water, to fully swell a kilo of boilies. All baits are different, so you are going to have to judge this part for yourself. Start with a small amount of water, less is more. You can always add some more. By adding this water, you are not 'washing' anything out from your favourite boilies. All of the attractors are still there inside. But you have mixed them up with water and changed how they are going to exit the boilie now, when you eventually throw them into the lake. Now those attractors are going to literally flood out. Water transfer will occur rapidly. They are so much more attractive to a carp this way. Your friend might be sitting in the swim next door, using exactly the same boilies as you. By pre-soaking yours before you go fishing, you are making your boilies much more attractive than his during the first day of your session. But there are far more benefits than just that. During those twelve hours before you go fishing, your sodden boilies inside the bucket are already starting the process of breaking down. A signal from nature to a fish, that something is ready to eat. You're actually making them better and more attractive to a carp, just by leaving them in a bucket sodden for twelve hours. Most baits will fully turn and go off after forty eight hours when wet in our environment of air. It's different under the water, it happens much slower. Prepare only small amounts at a time. Be prepared that you will now need to throw some bait away that goes unused quite regularly. The convenience is now completely gone from your boilies. But if you are here reading this, I am going to take a wild stab in the dark that you have progressed from YouTube carping and the like, and you will be able to deal with that problem.
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   Old Thread  #1526 27 Apr 2023 at 6.36am  5  Login    Register
Everything around us was created by nature. Most land-based animals fall into one of two categories, carnivores or herbivores. Carnivores/predators consume high protein diets. They have guts built by mother nature to function well eating loads of protein. Under water, pike and perch. Herbivores, who graze, they are not designed by nature to consume a high protein diet. They are designed to eat in a completely different way. They are designed to consume vast amounts of low protein food, over a long-extended period. A cow, will eat in excess of twenty kilos of grass in a day. They can only do this, because they have a very simple gut, and as fast as they eat the grass, it's coming out the other end. Underwater, carp are designed by nature in a very similar way to a cow. They are not normally predators. They are grazers. Yet we like to feed them often very stodgy high protein boilies, as it makes them grow bigger/faster. Here's the big problem with that. Have you ever seen a carp pooh out a 20mm boilie? You have not. Because it simply does not happen. If a carp picks up twenty boilies that are still hard in the middle, she's off to sit in the snags and digest her meal. In cold water, Winter and Spring, the carp's system slows right down, and the whole problem is magnified even more. By you pre-soaking your boilies, you can completely circumnavigate this problem. You are making the boilies much easier for the carp to actually eat, especially in cold water. They can pooh them out as fast as they are eating them, in a similar way to something like sweetcorn or hemp. The way 99.9% of all carp anglers fish with dry, hard boilies straight from the bag, this simply cannot happen. Not for many hours most of the time. I have never had that time to simply waste when I go fishing. No one has really, however much time you actually get. Start the process at home first. Continue it on the bank, if you stay more than one night. The common carp in the photos, is the Swirly common from Milton Pan, a famous old Kent carp. The photo must be virtually thirty years ago now, it's a scan of a print. I fed this particular carp 17.5kg of sweetcorn in 2.5kg bags, right in the edge. I had to feed this fish that amount, before I got the bite. This was before I had come up with our original S2 hook baits, or it would never have taken that long. This fish, ate as much as its own body weight in just a few hours. I watched it eat every single grain. It truly shocked me. If this had happened out in the pond, I would never have known to keep chucking more sweetcorn in and would never have caught her. They are feeding machines, but only if the food is suitable enough to pass through them quickly enough. By pre adding water to your boilies, you are allowing the carp to eat that same food for much longer than if you do not. Exactly how mother nature built them to eat food. The longer they are feeding on your area picking up your boilies, the more chance there is that you will catch them. It's really quite simple. There are even more benefits than that though. If you are fishing a tricky pit, with carp wised up from pressure. Your sodden boilies also appear 'safe' to them. Boilies that would appear to have been in the water for much longer than they actually have been, will always be viewed as safer by highly pressured carp. They will be eaten with far greater gusto. The only thing you are going to lose, is the convenience of storing your bait for more than a day or so whilst on the bank.
Why did you add the honey? Carp, like all other creatures on this planet, adore sweet things. The reason everything including us loves sweet things, is because of simple inbuilt senses from nature. When fruit ripens for example, it sweetens naturally. This is a signal to us and other animals that the food is now ready to eat. Mix some honey with some warm water, put it outside in your garden in a dish. Everything, crawling, or flying will be attracted to it. Absolutely everything. Like so many other fantastic things that go into our boilies, if that honey had been actually put inside your boilie with the eggs and then boiled.... It would be subjected to boiling water, and all the real goodness totally ruined. The carp is a very simple creature. The honey mixed with the water which you added, will help trigger an inbuilt sense that tells that fish it needs to go and investigate that food source. Pre-soaking your favourite freezer/readymade baits, also allows all of the real food content inside your boilies to do the job of attraction for you.
These very simple things, will help catch you far more carp, wherever you fish.
Next time it will not all be so simple, we are going to talk about hook baits.
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   Old Thread  #1525 25 Apr 2023 at 12.04pm  9  Login    Register

A little snifter. A very small excerpt from the hook bait part, of what will eventually get posted online about bait mechanics.

Match the hatch. A real classic 'carpy' saying. Often rolled out on YouTube or social media over the last decade. 'Match the hatch', is really just a plea to continue buying/using someones products. That's all. It's the biggest load of rubbish to someone who actually really understands big carp, how they feed, how they work. Not internet theories, or 'buzzwords', facts. I'll explain to you exactly why. If you have a bit of watercraft about you, you can test this yourself with your own 'underwater' observations in the edge.

'Match the hatch', implies you should use a hook bait that matches your feed bait. Great theory. Like so many things in carp fishing, it's actually a whole load of rubbish. Here's the big carp reality. Feed bait, and hook bait, are two completely separate entities. They need to perform completely different functions. They are not the same thing at all. When a big carp that is constantly fished for, picks up a freebie with a hook attached... It will spit that hook out 9 times out of 10. The area is then blown. It's game over. A carp is a wild creature with a natural inbuilt sense of danger, and then flight. That fish might return, if it does, it will normally clear out every other bait on the spot, except the one attached to the hook. That's 'Match the hatch' in reality. Of course, if the lake has far to many carp in like so many do, there will be another hungry mouth along in two minutes and you might get a bite. If you are not fishing a lake with starving carp in, you are literally tying your hands behind your back. You are going to blank for long periods when you really do not need too. As time goes by, we train the carp to become more and more wary. Things get harder and harder because of it.

A carp uses its mouth to test things. A carp is really a very simple creature in reality. Many years ago, I discovered through my own fishing, that you can actually override that flight sense in a big carp. Only if the hook bait excites them enough to do this though. They can take it in, and spit it out ten, or even twenty times... And there will still be a lesser flight reaction every time. But they do not bolt off and then not return. They will hardly leave the area. They will then have it into their mouth again, within minutes. And again, and again, and again. This is a monsteros difference. If it is fished on a resetting rig, you hardly need to be a genius to work out that you are now going to catch that carp. It's a very similar reaction to how a carp acts, when it becomes preoccupied on a bed of seeds or maggots. They will throw caution to the wind. The more preoccupied they become, the less wary they become. Tapping into this sense, is the sole reason you have seen that our hook baits have landed some of the biggest carp in the UK, over and over again. It's the reason I and others have been able to walk onto the busiest low stock syndicates, and start catching them IMMEDIATELY. There is no 'blowing', another great carpy saying for crap bait. A natural inbuilt instinct from mother nature to eat that hook bait, overrides that flight reaction. Any of you who own a dog, will know that greedy git will knowingly stick his/her nose into the most stupid/dangerous places, if the treat is irresistable enough.

Things that excite a heavily fished for carp enough to investigate something marked dangerous over, and over again. Are COMPLETELY different, to things which that same carp will happily feed on for many hours on end. Trying to make feed boilies this attractive, only leads to giving the carp a bellyache, and you then blanking. A very common mistake made by home and commercial bait makers. Nature holds the keys to absolutely everything.

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   Old Thread  #1524 25 Apr 2023 at 7.45am  1  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1523
I'm licking my lips as we speak.
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   Old Thread  #1523 24 Apr 2023 at 9.33pm  1  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1522
There would be all sorts of goodies, on both sides of your questions. Everything you can imagine, and more Jamie.

I was asked to come up with a business plan, by people who don't mess around at all. I trust them, they must trust me. But who really knows, nothing is certain, till it is set in stone.

If it does happen, I already know that our customers will all be seriously licking their lips in anticipation. I've been begged for all this stuff for many years.
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   Old Thread  #1522 24 Apr 2023 at 8.05pm  1  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1517
Hi Mark,

This new business model you are alluding to - will there be products for the home made bait maker to use?

Or, will this be an enterprise with just finished goods?

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   Old Thread  #1521 24 Apr 2023 at 7.56pm  1  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1517
Business sounds good. As you say Mark, results are everything and the pictures in this thread are testament to that

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