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Posts: 3276
   Old Thread  #204 26 Sept 2019 at 10.08pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #203

I have no patience. Get back on that big pit, you'll get a big special one soon Paul. Good luck mate.
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   Old Thread  #203 26 Sept 2019 at 6.04pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #202
Too busy earning a crust mate!
Away working until end of October now too

Only been for 2 short overnights since the last one, one of those was wiped out with weed-bergs!
And last weeks holiday trip.

Patience young Padawan
Posts: 3276
   Old Thread  #202 26 Sept 2019 at 6.01pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #201
Completely the opposite to Stuarts findings on his clay pit Paul.

You had anymore from that other lake on the garlic? I've been waiting to see a massive lump from you
Posts: 3201
   Old Thread  #201 26 Sept 2019 at 5.51pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #187
Interesting re: the clay Mark.

Just back from a lake which is all clay, and my only take was on an S2, the other 2 rods on GPB.
Of course it could have been the only one in the right place!
Posts: 1475
   Old Thread  #200 26 Sept 2019 at 5.48pm    Login    Register
Spot on mate will put a order in at end of the week 👍😁
Posts: 3276
   Old Thread  #199 26 Sept 2019 at 5.38pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #198
We already have loads of them done Gregg. They are not being put on sale until we have cleared our current orders list. It went crazy whilst I was in Brazil. Should be end of next week approximately.
Posts: 1475
   Old Thread  #198 26 Sept 2019 at 3.04pm    Login    Register
Any news in the gpb1 glm and the f1 when they are ready for mate 👍
Posts: 3276
   Old Thread  #197 26 Sept 2019 at 2.45pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #195
They will work for you Ian. You will have it. PM me your full name on here, I'll make sure something nice gets put in extra for you
Posts: 3276
   Old Thread  #196 26 Sept 2019 at 2.44pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #194
Well done Cam!! That's a lovely one!! You'll have plenty more
Posts: 3539
   Old Thread  #195 26 Sept 2019 at 11.55am    Login    Register
Just placed my first order for my winter syndicate which is difficult at the best of times, not back on there until my French Trip at the end of October.
I'm hoping this year should produce the first 40+ it came close last January at 38+ it's one of the originals of the dozen or so that's in there, they tend to disappear for long periods previous to this the fish went on the missing list for over two years and it weighed 27.4 at that time, only two more have been out this year one that hasn't been caught for 3 years that went 24.12 which prior to that it was 19.2 which for an old male fish is a nice steady gain and another that was last out again over 3 years ago at 20 went 27.14,

Quite a few of the stockies I wouldn't mind catching as well VS fish knocking on the door of 30lb stocked at 6 to 8lb five years ago, the water is crawling with naturals which is why they are pumping on the weight, it does make them difficult to catch all part of the game though, hopefully the little balls of magic can make something happen for me.
Posts: 6371
   Old Thread  #194 26 Sept 2019 at 11.45am    Login    Register
Had this last month from what has been a bit of a tricky water for me.
GPB1 over a scattering of SLK.

Posts: 3276
   Old Thread  #193 26 Sept 2019 at 11.12am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #190
Thank you Boycie.
Posts: 3276
   Old Thread  #192 26 Sept 2019 at 11.12am    Login    Register
In reply to Post #189
Well done on the new PB Stuart.

I think last week was a record breaking 'PB' week for us. So many people broke their PB last week using our stuff, it was unreal.

It's almost as good, as me getting to go fishing myself
Posts: 2346
   Old Thread  #191 25 Sept 2019 at 6.15pm    Login    Register
Itís taken a while but Iíve finally got round to ordering some GPB1 looking forward to getting out on the bank with them
Posts: 6406
   Old Thread  #190 25 Sept 2019 at 6.04pm    Login    Register
In reply to Post #188
Good to see some proper evidence to backup the claims Mark. You always deliver no Frenchies or pasties either!
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