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 New Posts  Specialized Hook Baits - Catch Report and Q+A
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   Old Thread  #772 18 Dec 2021 at 11.17am  2  Login    Register
In reply to Post #764
Quote… Took delivery of some 12mm S2's yesterday. They have always served me well when it gets cold and bleak.

Lovely PM from Sam (Leeroyjenkins)…. If you can’t read the text it says “No joke, lake has not done a fish since 23rd November. One of those S2’s I just had delivered, flicked out, 10 mins later, 46lb mirror”.

Bloody well done Sam!!!! I just see on another post it’s your new pb too 🥳

Show us a better photo when you get home. Bloody well done mate 🥳

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   Old Thread  #771 16 Dec 2021 at 3.30pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #770
They will be even better than fine mate. They will have lost their smell to your nose. But that has only all been sucked inside.

They will be super effective. I have customers that would pay you double the value for that older tub
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   Old Thread  #770 16 Dec 2021 at 2.10pm  1  Login    Register
In reply to Post #768
Hi Mark, how long would you say the 'shelf life' of the S2 CC would be? I have a couple of pots about 2/3 years old that have started to turn a bit. Sounds like these would actually still be good to use?

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   Old Thread  #769 16 Dec 2021 at 2.03pm  1  Login    Register
In reply to Post #768
Thanks Mark. Really fascinating insight.
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   Old Thread  #768 16 Dec 2021 at 1.24pm  4  Login    Register
In reply to Post #767
Part 2

That fat, and the emulsification of it, is one of the greatest reasons our hook baits are so effective in my humble opinion. We are doing lots of things, that no one else in our industry has been doing over the past decade. Many speak of 'curing' or 'culturing', or any other variant of a similar theme since we first started... The truth is though, they have never had the first clue what we are actually doing, or more importantly, why we are doing it. That's the other reason I have to be very wary about what I have always let out in public... It's a dog eat dog world out there, as I have found out so many times along the way.

Our company logo, has always been a hook bait, with whirlwinds surrounding it. I have often spoken over the years of our hook baits getting substantially better, with age... Here is the reason why. We do not add preservatives at the rolling stage of our bait, or any liquids other than fresh egg whatsoever. None of the liquids are harmed/damaged by extremely high temperatures (100c). The shelf life, is added via the outside of the bait, once they are finished being palm rolled. The very centre of the bait, does not ever see this preservation, and this is very important, as in exactly what I am referring to now. They are pure food, made with fresh eggs. The preservation is done using natural products to the very outside of the hook bait. Air is not allowed to get near that food inside, thus keeping the hook bait preserved over long periods. But inside the hook bait itself... Just like our company logo... There is a whirlwind slowly going on, a whirlwind which increases over time. They are actually 'ripening' with age.

I hope that some of our customers found some of that interesting.

Have a wonderful Christmas with your families all of you.


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   Old Thread  #767 16 Dec 2021 at 1.19pm  4  Login    Register
I promised you all a while ago that I would write something about fats on here when I got the time. Here it is, I hope some of you bait enthusiasts on here enjoy it and glean something useful from it.

The great attraction of fat to carp, emulsifying those fats.

The fish which we all desire to catch (carp), love fat and are very highly attracted to it. If you think of things, which really attract carp better than anything else, fat is always normally involved very highly indeed in the whole equation. Peanuts are around 50% fat. Hemp seed is between 30-50% fat. Trout/halibut pellets are covered in fish oil, fish oil is virtually purely made up of different fats. 30% omega 3s, the rest is made of other different types of fat. Even maggots, are made up of 25% fat. That's just a few things, that we all know carp love... A few natural things, which attract carp better than anything else. All of them, are very high indeed in fat. Emulsification of fats, is a very important part of our own human bodies workings. Our digestive system relies heavily on naturally produced glycerol, to break those fats down, when they get into our lower intestine and are digested.

A carp has a much simpler gut than a human being. But in a similar vein to humans, also similar to every other living thing on the planet, they rely heavily on salts, sugars & fats to survive. They find these things incredibly attractive for that very reason. I will now let you into a very closely guarded secret of mine, a secret which I have kept to myself for well over a decade. For commercial reasons I had too. I am not a scientist, and do not purport to be. But 1000's of UK anglers personal bests using our hook baits, gives me a small basis, with which to share some of the secrets as too 'why' exactly those 1000's of anglers caught their personal bests using our products.

Our hook baits are made of pure food. Very highly attractive food. We do not use inferior pop up mixes like everyone else does. We use pure food in every single one of our hook baits. That food, is very high in fats. I purposely will use ingredients that are extremely high in fat, in every single one of our base mixes. The reason for this, is because with our curing process, I can drag that fat out of the hook bait, and highly emulsify it. Break it down, and then put it back inside the hook bait again alongside our own liquids. This is incredibly attractive to a carp once these fats are more soluble. These fats do not have a smell; these fats do not even have a taste which I can determine. But carp find them absolutely irresistible. The liquids that go into our hook baits, have always contained glycerine. No big secret there. For over a decade anyone who knows anything about bait, would correctly assume we add glycerol to our cures, to help harden the hook bait, and aid with shelf-life properties. That was always my initial intention too. The glycerine serves a very different extra purpose to that as well though. In exactly the same way our own intestine uses glycerol to emulsify and break down fats... That is the same as what I am trying to replicate with the first go of our curing process which all of the hook baits go through... The high fat base mix, once palm rolled with fresh eggs and cork... Is boiled as normal just as you would imagine. Once boiled, the hook baits are dried, but not dried totally to a bone for this first go. This is important. Our cure is added, in a pressurised, heated situation. Because of the way the glycerine in our cure, reacts with the still damp (h20) hook bait, once heat and pressure are applied, all of the h20 in the hook bait is pulled out immediately. With that h20 from the bait, comes all of the lovely fat from the base mix. The glycerine does this. This reaction, leaves far more liquid in the container than the sum total of the cure which was first added added. Normally around double. As more heat is applied, the fats, h20 and cure, are all mixed up together, and pulled back into the bait. Once the hook bait has absorbed all of this liquid, this time, unlike the first time, the hook bait is dried to a bone to remove all of the h20 completely from the bait. The fats are now back inside, but they are now molecularly different, to how they were before. They have been highly emulsified, and are consequently now far easier for a carp to detect. Think of it, in a similar way to a pre-digested fishmeal. It's now far more soluble. Our hook baits go through our curing process another 3 or 4 times, depending on the hook bait in question. Now though, every time they go through that process, there is no h20 in the bait at all. Now so nothing is dragged out of the bait anymore. This only happens when h20 is part of the equation, it is needed for this reaction to take place.... Liquids are only pumped in to the hook bait now.

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   Old Thread  #766 15 Dec 2021 at 2.08pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #764
Standard winter/spring devastation material mate. You’ll clump them.

Please PM me your name you order with, if I knew it you would have likely got an Xmas gift maybe. 🎅🏻
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   Old Thread  #765 15 Dec 2021 at 2.07pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #763
Princess Roxanne says thank you Lee. 😍

More parcels than Santa everyday 😂. That’s it, we are totally up to date with all orders up until this morning now. Our last guaranteed delivery for before Xmas is tomorrow morning. Any orders before then will be going out tomorrow, any after that will be going a few days after Xmas.

Have s great Xmas all of you.

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   Old Thread  #764 15 Dec 2021 at 12.49pm  1  Login    Register
Took delivery of some 12mm S2's yesterday. They have always served me well when it gets cold and bleak
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   Old Thread  #763 13 Dec 2021 at 10.29pm  1  Login    Register
In reply to Post #762
Nice dog 👍🏻
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   Old Thread  #762 13 Dec 2021 at 4.04pm  4  Login    Register
If you are waiting for an order of GPB2 from us (or a normal order), everyone will receive their orders over the next few days. We have been so crazily busy this Christmas, mainly because of special orders for these GPB2. This lot went out early this morning, more than this left us on Friday just gone too. Loads more are going early tomorrow & the same Weds. We will be completely up to date with all orders, both special orders for GPB2 & our normal orders from the website, before Xmas delivery finishes for us on Thursday afternoon.

Please be patient, Xmas post always slows things down slightly.

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   Old Thread  #761 9 Dec 2021 at 12.56pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #760
Thank you mate, that's exactly what I done yesterday.

Over the years I've never forgot... This year is the first time... But it has cost me. Two years ago I paid for two years, and this year it completely slipped my mind after not paying last year. Because I was at the very end of my holiday, I did not see the emails.

Put it on auto renewal yesterday, three years was most they let me pay for at a time.
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   Old Thread  #760 9 Dec 2021 at 12.19pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #758
Best thing we did at work was buy a few years at a time and put it in an auto -renewal! Saved us all trying to remember the various renewal dates through the year.
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   Old Thread  #759 9 Dec 2021 at 10.53am  0  Login    Register
Website is back up on mobile for me now, but not yet on my computer.

Posts: 3399
   Old Thread  #758 9 Dec 2021 at 9.41am  0  Login    Register
Right I've just come off of the phone from a 45 minute call with the hosting company... It's lucky I called them to scream at them. The settings had been changed they tell me where the site had been down for more than 48 hours. They have just had a tech guy changing the settings whilst I was on the phone... They have promised me that the website will now be back up within the hour.

They said that this would be different for people in different parts of the country & Europe as they are all on different main servers.

I'm completely useless at this sort of stuff and have always paid others to do it from the start... But I should be able to remember to pay the bloody hosting fees!!

Apologies again for the aggro.
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