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 New Posts  Carp Books on Amazon Kindle
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   Old Thread  #18 14 Sept 2016 at 10.00am  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #16
Here is an updated list (adding ones I wasn't too keen on getting) - but that come under the Kindle "Carp Fishing" criteria

Funny how the most expensive book out of them all is "Fishing for Dummies".... made me chuckle....

I am hoping Terry Hearn add his books, as well as forgetten chapters, wraysbury chronicles, a merry olde dance etc etc...

This is the full list I have so far:

500 Open Access Carp Waters £5.99
A Carp Fishing Year (Steve Graham) £2.99
A Fool and His Eel £4.19
A Year On The Moat £2.26
An Obsession With Carp (Dave Lane £9.37
Angling Tales by Keithe Jenkins £4.08
Beneath the Black Water (Chris Yates) £10.79
Big Carp Hunters - Dave Mallin £6.49
Big Carp Hunters - Derek Rance £6.49
Big Carp Hunters - Graig Lyons £6.49
Big Carp Hunters - Nick Helleur £6.88
Big Carp Legends - Bruce Ashby £6.88
Big Carp Legends - John Harry £6.88
Big Carp Legends (Lee Jackson) £7.56
Big Carp Legends (Mike Wilson) £6.35
Big Carp Legends (Pete Springate) £6.63
Big Carp Legends (Ritchie Mcdonald) £6.68
Big Carp Legends (Rob Maylin) £7.66
Big Carp Legends (Steve Briggs) £6.47
Big Carp Legends Alex Romp £6.42
Big Carp Legends Dave Lane £7.50
Bivvy Tramps Part 1 (Fenland Carp Tale) £7.92
Bivvy Tramps Part 2 (The Ultimate Rig) £7.92
Black Mirror Cult £8.95
Carp - Handbook of Techniques £5.99
Carp Fishing Tips and Theories (S.Graham) £3.23
Carp Fishing Tips and Theories Pt2 £2.98
Carp Fishing: A Year In France £3.05
Carp Refections (Paul Selman) £9
Carp Season (Tim P/Jack Hilton) £9.37
Carp Tales 1 - Jim Gibbinson £5.52
Carp Tales 2 - Jim Gibbinson £5.52
Carp World Big Interviews £3.99
Carping On £3.49
Casting for Cloopers (Trevor Pritchard) £6.44
Discover Carp Fishing (Simon Crow) £8.03
Falling In Again (Chris Yates) £3.69
Fishing for Dummies £12.19
Fox Guide to Carp Fishing £9.99
From the Bivvy (Tim Paisley) £8.39
Fron Gudgeon to Carp (Steve Graham) £3.05
Gone Carp Fishing (Steve Graham) £3.05
In The Still of the Night: The Story of "She" £5.00
John Wilson's Guide to Carp Fishing £1.99
Just for the Record - quest for two tone £9.37
Memories Of Carp £4.10
More Carp Fishing (Steve Graham) £3.05
Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing £3.99
No Need To Lie £6.99
One Last Cast (Rob Maylin) £6.55
Return of the Syndicate Part 3 £5.62
Revenge of the Syndicate Part V £5.62
Running the Syndicate Part IV £5.62
Savay - John Harry £6.49
Strictly Carp (Martin Clarke) £6.29
The Carp Strikes Back (Rod Hutchinson) £9.37
The Carp Years (Tony Miles) £5.10
The Complete Bad Angler £2.99
The Keeper (Keith Jenkins) £4.19
The Lost Diary (Chris Yates) £9.49
The Myth (Keith Jenkins) £3.88
The Random and The Syndicate Part VI £5.62
The Syndicate £5.62
The Syndicate Book Series (7 Books) £39.34
The Syndicate Part VII £5.62
The Syndicate RIP Part 2 £5.62
Top Tactics for Carp (Tony Miles) £3.40
Posts: 582
   Old Thread  #30 15 Jan 2018 at 5.49am  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #15
gents - does anyone know from their reading which books contain chapters on fishing horton/wraysbury and the mere? I know Dave Lane has covered those waters in his books, as has Nick Helleur, Briggs and Pete Springate... looking for more reading material on above lakes.
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   Old Thread  #29 22 Dec 2017 at 10.06pm  0  Login    Register
Wow didnít realise all these were avalible on Kindle.
Posts: 582
   Old Thread  #28 21 Dec 2017 at 8.39am  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #12
will try and get some fella
Posts: 1183
   Old Thread  #27 20 Dec 2017 at 10.31pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #18
That's a lot easier for videos
Posts: 6599
   Old Thread  #26 3 Oct 2016 at 9.37am  0  Login    Register
the new Syndicate book is now available
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   Old Thread  #25 24 Sept 2016 at 9.16pm  0  Login    Register
One Last Cast (Rob Maylin) £6.55

Highly recommend this book.

im in the middle of an obession with carp then moving on to the Syndicate by Mark Cunnington,

will let you guys know what i think,
Posts: 582
   Old Thread  #24 15 Sept 2016 at 4.38am  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #20
Pleasure - Happy reading
Posts: 875
   Old Thread  #23 14 Sept 2016 at 4.50pm  0  Login    Register
Wow! Thanks Tom, awesome list.
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   Old Thread  #22 14 Sept 2016 at 3.10pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #21
Posts: 7989
   Old Thread  #21 14 Sept 2016 at 2.51pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #20
and bingo as if by magic, here it is for all to enjoy.

Thank you Brian or whoever sorted it
Posts: 7989
   Old Thread  #20 14 Sept 2016 at 2.23pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #18
Well done again Tom, great piece of work there, I'm sure many will benefit

I'll keep an eye out for a mod and see if we can get it stickied with your post on the top.

edit, Just sent Waterwolf (Brian) a pm, I'm sure he'll have a look and see what can be done.

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   Old Thread  #19 14 Sept 2016 at 10.34am  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #18
Blimey mate, well done, thanks for sharing and the info
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   Old Thread  #17 14 Sept 2016 at 9.40am  0  Login    Register
Only recently got into the Kindle books, great aren't they, and senibly priced. I love carp books and have a big collection but, they take up so much bloody room.

I think i'll do what i did with my vast record collection, and replace them all digitally
Posts: 7989
   Old Thread  #16 14 Sept 2016 at 9.26am  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #13

Nice one Tom, I know it's a bit saucy, but I reckon it would be super great if, as others add to the list, you update your list.

Then a really super duper great idea, if a mod makes your post 1000 which keeps it at the top.

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