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#87 6 Apr 2012 at 9.42pm

This is not aimed at any individual poster, but was prompted by a recent reply.

Sorry to be a bit boring, but CarpForum doesn't exist for gossiping and mud slinging

It's a messaging medium where people with a common interest can share their thoughts ideas/experiences...and above all, meet new people to fish with and learn from.

I have been lucky enough to meet some great guys off of here, and while I wouldn't call them 'real' mates (as they often live miles away) it's always a pleasure to meet up with them at a social and have a natter and a bit of banter.

That's what it's all about for me, plus maybe bagging the odd extra carp through reading the thoughts+ideas I've read on here from you guys...

I don't like CarpForum being used as a platform or soap box for mud slinging...especially when it comes back to me and might make it look like I approve of it. I don't. Gossip happens (we're human) but it can spiral out of control. Let's try and keep things a less heated and a little more about catching carp.

Anticipatory thanks!
Head Caretaker, CarpForum
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