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 New Posts  Coleman Stove maintenance
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   Old Thread  #1000 1 Dec 2009 at 12.37pm  0  Login    Register
if your having issues then read through this...

if you pump it up until you feel some resistance on the pump then you know its pressurised. if it still wont feed petrol through then the genny is blocked.
if you get no petrol flow then gently open the petrol filler cap. there should be a hiss as you release the pressure. this will tell you the seal on the pump is working and the seal on the petrol tank is ok. if there is no build up of pressure, and no hiss when you open the fuel cap then the pump washer needs oiling/changing.
you can buy a new genny [about a tenner] but always best to try and clean the old one, as youve nowt to lose!

below is a more detailed breakdown of the problems, and the fixes...

if the flame is orange then its not burning "clean", which means a good balance of air and fuel. the blue flame shows its working correctly.
to get it to run clean you need to have;
clean unleaded fuel.
working genny.

to check the fuel is clean empty the petrol into a clear plastic [wide mouthed] bottle and look at it. i always fill my stove from fuel container into plastic bottle with a filter funnel. then into the stove.
i add a small amount of redex injector cleaner [from a car shop/halfords/etc] at the recommended dosage. do not overdo it as you will gum up the stove!
[the fuel should just change colour and have just a tinge of pink to it] use 5ml to 5 litres, but no more!

to ensure you have pressure check the pump washer is not split, and smear in some light oil. check the fuel cap seal looks ok. you should feel the pressure build up and it become difficult to pump. then you know its holding pressure.

the genny is a hollow tube that allows the fuel through. as it flows along it turns to vapour due to the heat of the stove and the pressure in the fuel tank. there is a thin wire inside the genny that runs back and forward as you turn on and off. this is to try and de-coke the inside of the genny to ensure a easy flow of fuel/vapour.
it is easy to clean an old genny by carefully extracting the wire and cleaning the gunge off with the edge of a knife. be careful not to dig it in and kink the wire! put the empty genny into a small pan with some boiling water and a spot of fairy liquid. this will clean out most of the residue.
thoroughly dry and re-assemble... sorted.

some further reading; coleman stove article
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   Old Thread  #1304 16 Dec 2023 at 2.31pm  0  Login    Register
What's the black blocks that sit at the side of the compartment that the one end of the Genny sits
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   Old Thread  #1303 14 Dec 2023 at 4.56pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1300
How did you get on with this?

I recently had the fuel leaking out of the on/off lever and found mine had two o rings. After a bit of research the general consensus was the size you need is BS009, tried those and they wouldnít fit, so tried BS008 and on my particular stove anyway (533) those are the ones. Hope that may help someone, much cheaper than replacing the whole valve. Got mine from Seals R Us on eBay.
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   Old Thread  #1302 19 Oct 2023 at 0.15am  0  Login    Register
If you try to build up pressure but you take your thumb off the timer knob and the air hisses out then you may need to service your check valve....
I'd never heard f it, but Karl Starnes shared this video with me as he was having the same issues.
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   Old Thread  #1301 26 Mar 2023 at 10.54am  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1300
Good work sir
Keep me posted on your progress 👍🏻
Posts: 238
   Old Thread  #1300 24 Mar 2023 at 7.18pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1299
There is a o ring in there that will need replacing m8 it is 5.28mm inside diameter and 1.78 mm thick according to what I've found out today as I've got the same problem
I just need to find some now as they need to be fuel resistant ones called flouro silicone so I have been told
Posts: 922
   Old Thread  #1299 22 Mar 2023 at 8.41pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1298
Have a relatively new one of these But fuel is escaping via the on / off red switch
Any suggestions as to what might be the cause ?
Only a couple of years old Only ever run on Aspen 4
Posts: 26952
aka Mr Linky Poo
   Old Thread  #1298 21 Dec 2022 at 3.19pm  2  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1000
In my experience 90% of problems are simple user error

the complete failure of people to understand that LACK OF PRESSURE will cause big problems and it starts right at the beginning you all start off well pumping it up to max pressure
then you light it once its lit ...>>>>>>you will have LOST LOADS of pressure !! <<<<<<<

so you MUST !! STRAIGHT AWAY PUMP THE GRANNY OUT OF IT TILL you cant pump any more
simple job done it will now run nice blue flame without flare ups or a lollopy yellow flames caused by lack of pressure
cos you didnt replace the pressure lost during the initial lighting process

I have been using Coleman stoves since I bought my Coleman feather light 400 in 1982 still in use today 40 years on !!!
and I never had any problems until they stopped selling leaded petrol and then the gumming up of the generator started caused by the additives additives include metal deactivators, corrosion inhibitors, oxygenates and antioxidants they put in unleaded petrol for the modern car engines not only that THE FUMES FROM THE STOVE using unleaded are seriously dangerous for your health I have used all the alternatives coleman fuel (naphtha) panel wipe again based on naphtha and others but the DADDY is ASPEN 4 ALKYLATE PETROL none of the horrible smell or fumes and it does not go stale its the purest thing and nothing comes close to making your stove so much easier to use trust me
Posts: 147
   Old Thread  #1297 19 May 2022 at 1.39pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1279
Do not use redex in a coleman, they operate at a very different temperature to petrol engines.. it won't do it any good
Posts: 778
   Old Thread  #1296 17 Sept 2021 at 11.38am  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1000
Just sent my two Sportster 533s to The Tackle Box in Kent because both of them are unusable. I'm rubbish at repairing things so I bit the bullet. I must say I have been very impressed with their level of attention, communication and speed of service. Both stoves back within 10 days fully working, saving me £250 in replacements. Well done The Tackle Box, you have a new customer!
Posts: 4305
aka The Combover Kid
   Old Thread  #1295 11 Sept 2021 at 11.04am  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1288
Hi Mate,

I have had this a few times, especially when the stove has been sat for a while with pressure.
I simply released all the pressure and re-pumped it. Seems to solve the issue - for my stove, in any case - they are all different..
Posts: 929
   Old Thread  #1290 14 Feb 2019 at 8.10am  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1289
I guess thatís the only place to start, I noticed itís taken a bang on the top of the generator and pushed it inwards if that makes sense as thereís a small dent in the tank just below it and it looks like petrol has leaked from there at some point.
Posts: 740
   Old Thread  #1289 14 Feb 2019 at 7.59am  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1288
Could be a blocked generator?
The pressure is obviously there & it seems like there's nowhere for it to go...
Try removing & cleaning the generator with the method above or a new one is £16-£20 depending on where you shop?
I've just had mine serviced at the Tacklebox Kent (another option?).
Posts: 929
   Old Thread  #1288 13 Feb 2019 at 11.46pm  0  Login    Register
Got my Coleman feather out earlier and started to give it a pump and petrol started to spurt out of the little hole when I removed my thumb from pumping. Iím Obviously getting pressure but why is it forcing the petrol out of the pump handle. Any ideas what the issue is and how I can resolve this?

Posts: 883
   Old Thread  #1287 7 Sept 2018 at 11.33pm  0  Login    Register
In reply to Post #1285
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