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   U.S. Carping
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   Old Thread  #1 30 Dec 2018 at 10.54pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Greetings from the U.S.

I hope to visit some day to the spot where my last known relative perished in Leicestershire and of course fish for some of those legendary limey carps.

Iím new in general to carp fishing here. I get ridiculed for it. They are considered a trash fish here on the west coast but most have never caught one or eaten them. Iíve done both and fished for a variety of species, most of which are the popular freshwater game fish here(salmon, steelhead, bass, and trout. Pound for pound the common carp here are the best sport on rod and tackle and best freshwater forage fish.

The Columbia Basin here in the Pacific NW has plenty of lakes, rivers, sloughs, and estuaries to chase carp. There is an over abundance of them if you talk to just about anyone here. I couldnít be happier about it. The game laws are definitely in my favor. Our local Fish and Wildlife Agency encourages fishing for them so that it is one of the only species completely unregulated. There is no catch limit and unlike every other species, no fishing license is required.

Iíd like some advice on what sort of tackle and bait youíd recommend for my area as Iím sure more than a few of you have been fishing on this side of the pond. Ive tried boilies without success. A fellow carpet has had great success using pack bait and method feeders. Personally I find the rig clumsy but if it catches fish...many of the lakes here are very soft bottomed and laden with aquatic vegetation so Iíve been experimenting with chod rigs. Our shops lack the end tackle popular in the UK and itís a bit hard on my pocketbook if ordered from eBay. I enjoy tying up rigs so that hasnít been too much of a hinderance. I do wish I had some of your casting weights. All we have in any variety is lead weights but Iím trying to avoid lead whenever possible. The boilies I used were homemade from recipes found online. I prebaited and followed all the advice I could glean from YouTube and forum sources but never has succes with anything other than sweetcorn. Itís more frustrating to keep on a hair rig than Iíd like but Iíve loads of alternatives yet to try. There is an abundance of crayfish here and Iím eager to try them but Iím certain they will attract just about every other species than carp first.

Any advice is greatly appreciated and... sorry about that whole tea party misunderstanding. Nothing personal eh?...;-)
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