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   Prologic K1 Rod Pod
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   Old Thread  #1  12 Sept 2018 at 8.42am Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
For years I have used Chub Precision Stainless buzzer bars, bank sticks, stage stands and auger and have built up quite a collection and have always found it to be durable, reliable and definitely looks the part. However, I is incredibly heavy! So over the last couple of years I have been loosely looking for something to replace this with that is of the same quality, but considerably lighter. I have found many products that fit the bill, but the majority will need me to remortgage to be able to afford!

Then, one day late last year, I saw a video on Facebook of Adam Penning demonstrating the Prologic K1 Rod Pod. I could not believe my eyes! An all singing all dancing rod support setup that looks really smart and will suit all fishing situations (single sticks, standard buzzer bars, goal post and rod pod) and Adam stating that it is also very light!

After a bit of research and a few emails, I found one shop selling them in the UK and charging 150. At the time I could not justify it! So I have hung on and seen all of the big stores starting to get them in stock and the price coming down gradually. Then last week, I noticed that my local Angling Direct had one in stock, so I called them up only to find that they had sold it that morning! Gutted! So I waited and kept checking the website and yesterday noticed they had stock again! So I shot down there on my lunch break, had a good look at one and could not resist buying it for 115!!

I cannot tell you how impressed I am with it! It was everything that I had expected and more! Once I have used it in anger, I will write a "used and abused" review!
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   Old Thread  #2 12 Sept 2018 at 6.49pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
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How wide do the bars go keep looking at them myself
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