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   JRC CX Radar alarms...............
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   Old Thread  #1  30 Mar 2018 at 12.15pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
JRC CX 3.1 Radar Alarms.

I purchased a set of these about 6 months ago and have used them extensively since then. Despite receiving some severe drenching's, I have to report that they have performed faultlessly.
I picked them up off of the 'bay for 99.00 delivered, the price has risen slightly since then (cheapest I have found them recently is about 110.00) but for 3 alarms with a receiver they offer good value for money.

Packed full of features, they have separate tone, volume and sensitivity adjustments, and whilst the knobs appear a little "plasticky" at 1st glance, they have given me no problems whatsoever.
The alarms have three settings, activated by a simple toggle on/off switch (why can't ALL alarms have this type of switch?). You can see at a glance which mode they are in, and a simple click to the middle (off) position stops you annoying your bankside neighbours with your alarms continually going off whilst you are re-setting bobbins etc.
With the switch to the right the alarms are on in "night light" mode, in the middle they are off, and to the left they are on in "normal" mode. Simple. And the supplied protective hard cases will not go on the alarms unless the switch is in the "off" position, so you can't accidentally leave them switched on, draining your batteries.
On the subject of batteries, mine are still holding almost full charge despite being used for the aforementioned 6 months. Brilliant!!
The alarms will indicate whether you have had a run or a "dropback" by two different tones, and the LED's will indicate this too. The latching lights stay on for about 20 seconds or so, so if you miss the initial indication a glance at the alarms will show you which one it was that indicated some action.

The actual alarm heads are a nice size, not too big, so they look neat and compact. I haven't used the receiver yet, but pairing this to the alarms was simplicity itself, and it has a range of 150 yards, one of the best there is.
All in all I would definitely recommend these alarms 100% to anybody. I have the set of three all in blue, but you can buy them with three different colours if you're not quite as cool as me.....
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   Old Thread  #5 2 May 2019 at 11.03pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #4
Turn the sensitivity down ?
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   Old Thread  #4 19 Dec 2018 at 9.02pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Nice review...I too owned a set for a while, although they were excellent in nearly all departments the constant false bleeps drove me crazy
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