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   Cygnet Quicklock Rod Pod........
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I purchased one of these 2nd hand off of ebay about 5 years ago. Brilliant pod, fairly light and so easy to set up. Covers all of my fishing requirements.
Unfortunately, my original one has just given up the ghost (due to lack of "maintenance" on my part I might add).
Knowing how things move on, I'd looked around at alternatives, various makes and models, but couldn't find anything that offered me the same features for anywhere near the price, so I've just ordered another one exactly the same.
Purchased brand new for 66.00 delivered, bearing in mind I paid 50.00 for my 2nd hand one 5 years ago, didn't think that was too bad at all.
The carry bag has now been upgraded and offers enough room to leave the alarms permanently attached to the buzzbars, and you get three sets of different sized sticks now (I only got two with my original one).
All in all an absolutely brilliant pod.
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