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   Chub Outkast "Smallwater" rods......
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   Old Thread  #1  30 Jan 2018 at 2.41am Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
If you are fishing smaller, more "intimate" lakes and are looking for a lighter rod, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Chub Outkast "Smallwater" rods.
11' in length, 2.25tc and as light as a feather. They have a great fish playing action, I have landed carp up to 37lb on them, with no problems whatsoever.
Ideally suited to single baits, and smaller leads, they are also adept at flicking a piece of crust out for surface fishing, and as I say, they are so light you could fish with one in your hand all day and not tire, so also ideal for stalking.
I find the 11' length also aids accuracy when casting.
The blanks have recently been upgraded, but I really think this is more cosmetic than anything else. I have two of the earlier versions and one of the newer ones, and cannot detect any difference at all in their action.
I much prefer the slightly shorter 11' length, and when you start looking around for rods of this size, you'll find that you are fairly limited in choice. Harrison offer the "Baby Ballista" and FreeSpirit offer the TS 11 footer, but these are much more expensive rods. I have owned three of the TS's and yes, they are great rods. But the Outkasts are a third of the price (at least) of these other two makes at around 70.00 each, and they represent terrific value for money and are a really viable alternative.
I have owned my three for about five years now and will never sell them, they are that good.

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   Old Thread  #2 4 Feb 2018 at 6.22pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1
I took up carp fishing early last year and after most people recommending 12ft 2.75tc rods and trying out a few I decided an 11ft lower tc rod would be better suited.
I purchased a pair of these smallwaters and couldn't be happier.
They are an absolute joy to use and perfect for the 7 acre lake I fish at, being that bit smaller so easier to handle and cast in the more confined pegs but easily able to cope with anything in the lake.
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