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   Daiwa Crosscast Carp 5000C QD
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   Old Thread  #1 28 Oct 2017 at 8.03pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
I bought a set of three after having a play in the local tackle shop. Having now used these reels I can say that the performance is amazing for the money. I got all 3 including 1000yd spool of 15lb ESP XT loaded for £220. I have no idea how they will last. But out of the box they are butter smooth and the quick drag is a proper half turn job and is smooth in use. I donít know what Daiwa have done with these new reels but they feel smooth like a top end reel.
For those of you that use the line clip religiously the one on these is brilliant as tthe machined cut out makes it even better. Plus it looks the part, far better than the normal cheap plastic insert.
Honestly, I have delayed buying the new 2018 Tournament ISOís, they are that good (bought all 3 and line for the cost of half an ISO].
However, When I do get round to buying the new infinity rods I will put on a set of ISOís.
I will keep you posted as to durability.
My view is that this is easily the best sub £100 carp reel in the market and a proper bargain. Give one a twirl and youíll see what I mean. Tried but cannot find a fault or weakness.
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