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   Email issues : Blueyonder / NTLWorld / Tiscali
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   Old Thread  #1  28 Oct 2016 at 12.46pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Good afternoon carpers

I have been getting lots of bounced emails from users of Blueyonder / NTLworld / Tiscali email address owners.

Some of them I have emailed to try and explain why they are NOT getting emails from the site, but others might not have had an email from me.

It would appear that for the last few weeks, emails from CarpForum (e.g. PM notification, VerifyEmail requests, Thread Alerts etc) have been bouncing, and not being delivered.

I have tried contacting Virgin tech support to inquire why this is, but no luck so far.

If this is annoying you (not receiving your emails from CarpForum) then it would be great if you could contact virgin and ask them to look into it. They'll take more notice of multiple customers than they will of one website owner.

As a workaround (if this issue affects you) then you could create a free GMail / Yahoo account and use that for CarpForum emails. Not ideal, but then this issue isn't caused by me so there's nothing I can currently do to make things better.

Kind regards,
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