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   Ultimate Bivvy Reviews
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   Old Thread  #2 8 Oct 2004 at 7.36am Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1

OK here's my honest review of the Fox Evo bivvy, which I bought second hand a few months ago.

The first impression I got of the basic bivvy was the size and length when packed away. It is very light and the diameter is less than my 50" brolly when packed. It is however quite long at around 6ft, it sticks out of the top of my brolly pocket and this might be a problem for some. The short centre pole is not permanently attached to the shelter, so it's important to make sure you don't leave it at home or on bank!

Setting it up couldn't be easier, just slot the poles into the two steel blocks and peg it down - once you get the hang of it, it takes under a minute. With the front panel zipped off it turns into an open fronted shelter and only needs 4 pegs, storm poles are not really necessary even when it is quite windy. With the panel zipped on, storm poles are needed to hold up the front properly.

The bivvy is very adaptable, it can be pegged at 4 different heights and the shape can be altered to suit tight swims.

One concern I did have was the top of the bivvy, which collects a puddle of water when it rains. However, it hasn't leaked a drop, the seams are double stitched and fully taped, and due to the design, the ribs don't touch the skin, reducing potential leak points.

It isn't as roomy as some bivvies, but ideal as a 1-man shelter. However, if you are used to taking tons of gear, a 2 man shelter might be better.

The groundsheet is very thick and adds a lot of weight to the shelter. It clips to the skin rather than using velcro.

The winter skin cuts down considerably on condensation, which can be quite a problem, is very compact and light and takes seconds to fit, but it would be nice to see an extended winter skin.

The Evo is excellent in windy conditions, it is very solid as all the ribs reach all the way to the ground.

Overall, for adaptability, the Evo can't be beaten. It is a true year-round shelter that is also light enough to be easily portable, ideal for shorter sessions. It is light, easy to put up, sturdy and versatile. If you are after a year-round shelter that can be used as a brolly, summer or winter bivvy, then make sure you look at one of these!

However, for the long stay angler, or one who carries a lot of gear, a bigger 2 man bivvy may be a better option
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   Old Thread  #1 6 Oct 2004 at 2.34pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Right chaps. I am hoping to create a good reference point for Bivvys & Brollys.

If you have time please contribute your own bivvy including links to the manufacturer's page where possible.

Please keep to the same format if you can as I think it is easier to read, than one paragraph that has no punctuation.

I will start off with the Cabrio. If there are Cabrio users out there who think I have missed anything please PM me, so that I can edit my post.

If this becomes a good reference point maybe it could become the first thread found in any searches.

There are two versions, the single skin (Cabrio Plus) and the Twinskin.

Cabrio Plus (Single Skin)

Good points -
1) All in one pack no extras to buy.
2) Good quality pegs and storm poles.
3) Solid as rock.
4) Flat fronted (doesn't attract the rain as much as a sloping front)
5) Has 3 mesh panels in the front (door and either side). When the covers are rolled up, you get a good view, lets air in and keeps the mozzies out.
6) Groundsheet is very heavy duty & velcros in about 6 inches up the side of the bivvy. Stops rain and beasties getting in.
7) Pockets on the inside of the bivvy. So you can store a few things you need easy access to.
8) The bag is huge and the bivvy fits in so easily.
9 It is massive for a one man. Gives you loads of room.
10) Only need to take the overwrap in winter or on long sessions.
11) Door height is 143 cm (good for tall people).

Bad points
1) Weight. It's extremely heavy & you need a barrow or a very short walk to your swim.
2) It's massive. May not fit in to some tight swims.
3) There was an issue with earlier models of the zip tags being rubbish and needing to be replaced. Don't know if this is still an issue.


The only difference between the Single & Twinskin is that the Twinskin has Mesh in the top panel.

If you fish in England (i.e. rainy) you will have to take the Overwrap with you all the time.
If you fish in hot countries a lot, then in summer you will get extra air through the mesh panels at the top.

Cabrio Overwraps

The Overwraps are made of the same 8 oz material and have a plastic panel in the door to aid viewing.

n.b. These are without the Overwrap
You will also notice that the 2 man is the same height and width but is 30 cm longer.

1 man 2 Man
Width 295 cm Width 295 cm
Depth 225 cm Depth 255 cm
Height 143 cm Height 143 cm
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