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   Ultimate Bivvy Reviews
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   Old Thread  #1264 27 Mar 2017 at 2.04pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Chub RS+ Bivvy, bought for 79.99 and I think for that price it's a steal...

What I wanted...

A light, quick to erect, purposely cheap & reliable shelter for doing quick overnights under. Cheap, as I want to be able to abuse it really and pack away wet/dirty etc knowing I have little time or drying space between sessions when doing quick, mid week between work nights.

I owned a Chub S Plus shelter many years ago that I sang the praises of, it was small/light & reliable and so when I decided I wanted something similar to this and saw the RS+ bivvy at that price, being a bivvy also meaning it will double as a utility shelter for longer sessions away from my main biv (socialising/gas fridge/under cover cooking) as well as being a quick night session shelter, I didn't hesitate in getting it bought.

I've used this a few times now and have to say i'm well impressed. The difference between this and the S plus shelter is the zip on front and also the poles are dual break, whereas the old S Plus has 4 breaks per pole. So, it's even quicker to set up but packed length is longer than the old. No biggy, it's still a pretty svelte thing at about 5kg all in.

What I like:

These things just go up so quickly and effortlessly. Out of the bag, poles together, tension strap clipped up, support bars on and peg out. Front can be zipped on and off in seconds. It's just so easy.

Groundsheet is just the right weight, not paper thin but not those big/heavy PVC ones. Note - I do like a groundsheet so i can just toss stuff on the floor of the bivvy/under the bed with no worry of dirty gear.

For the size of the footprint, it's got loads of space. I downgraded to a Trakker RLX Flat 6 Superlight this year and that is more than comfortable in there, with room either end, adjacent to my bed, for tackle bags, bait buckets, overnight kit and a bivvy table. I'm also 6 foot and can sit on my bed without my head touching the top of it.

Quality is great, It's rock solid, condensation is minimal and it's definitely waterproof. Door can open up and down, ala letterbox style.

What could be better?

Well, the only thing I think it's missing is multi pegging points on the front panels. It would be nice to be able to peg the front section down flatter rather than sloping outwards, but I always fold the groundsheet back on this type of shelter so that if it rains the water isn't getting onto it. But they could have added additional peg points just for extra options. - EDIT - found a workaround, coupl e of large keyring type split rings threaded onto the additonal elastic pegging point above the main metal pegging point and front can now be pegged down flatter. Only issue now is that when viewed from front (on level'ish ground) the bottom of the door is pulled closer than the top of the open door. Mght mess with some of your OCD's !! but I quite like the extra 'snugness'.

That said, it's a superb bivvy for not a lot of money. Would I pay RRP for this? Definitely not, but can be had for a bargain if you shop around. There's an overwrap available to twin skin it but I won't be buying as that is not it's intended use, and last Friday was down into the minus temps and it kept me dry & comfortable. For 80 I highly rate this bivvy. Sure the "badge snobs" will turn their noses up but more fool them I rate it 10/10.

 photo 20170325_065204_zpsyocohiqm.jpg

 photo 20170325_065242_zpsy1qjtxx1.jpg

 photo 20170325_065306_zpsonzwi8t6.jpg

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   Old Thread  #1262 17 Jun 2016 at 10.19am Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
JRC Cacoon 2 Man Bivvy

Bought it to replace my STI 2 man as I needed something taller and this comes in at slightly over 1.6m high from the front to centre and about the same 3 meter width on the narrow setting as my STI but the sides are tall giving masses of usable space for one man and will accommodate 2 bed-chairs with ease..

The wide front gives lovely views from the mozzi mesh windows and can be opened fully up but sadly there are no clear plastic side windows. The wide door is only one way and cant be opened top to bottom in letterbox style. The peak does help keep out the vertical rain.

Very easy to erect and put down though the rear 2 tension poles wont go through the channels in the material but makes no difference to the performance at all... Very stable though I would use an overwrap in high winds due to the vulnerability of the peak,, Heavy duty groundsheet which actually fits though I would liked to have seen a couple of pegging straps to secure more firmly into place as the velcro can pull undone..

The material is the usual heavy duty JRC 10,000 hh material which in 20 years of having the STI,s has never leaked once. Nice big vents at the rear makes it nice and airy on hot days and nights but when closed at night the bivvy is (like most) prone to condensation.. I would have preferred a zip up carry-all rather than the bag it comes in but then these can be bought for 19.99 on ebay and it is worth getting..

Overall a sturdy spacious well built bivvy for a taller man or for 2 people. Well recommended if you need that extra height whilst keeping the footprint to a minimum for the smaller swims .
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   Old Thread  #1261 10 May 2016 at 7.11pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
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   Old Thread  #1260 9 May 2016 at 9.33pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1259

Phenom now re-badged as Spyder. The Double door bivvy was comparatively cheap and came with outer wrap when we bought it 2 years ago, we needed a good size bivvy for me and the missus an all the tackle and this seemed to fit the bill

390D*310W*162H cm gives loads of room inside for the two bed chairs and luggage with good headroom and a porch is formed between the inner and outer doors or the inner doors can be tied back to form a cavern... There are two mesh vents in the rear roof in both the inner and overwrap which can be open or zipped closed..

There are pockets in the inner doors for storage but these are stupidly sown on the outer side of the doors and can get hit by the driving rain if the outer door is open ... Door and front windows with clear plastic / mozzie mesh can all be rolled back for an open front.. The material is good quality and they say is 10000 Hydrostatic head... Ground sheet is heavy duty..

Bad points....

On both the outer wrap and the bivvy there is in my opinion a lack of pegging points..along both sides and would benefit by 4 more for both the biv and wrap respectively, however after saying that it seems stable and not had a problem todate...

Ground sheet is velco in and never seems to fit perfectly which is irritating but really only a minor issue

Its Heavy but not an issue for us.

The four pram sections are fiddly to set up and pack away which takes abut 20 mins each way

The skins seem to take a long time to dry out as the water doesn't bead up and run off like on other bivvies though its never come through.. Might try a spray on waterproof this year which my solve the issue

Does get a little condensation with two sleeping inside on colder nights but nothing serious if the inner vents are left open..

Conclusion... A nice spacious bivvy at a good price which includes the wrap though weight might be an issue for some...
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   Old Thread  #1259 8 May 2016 at 7.06pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1258

I bought mine when they first came out many years ago and sold it recently for what I originally paid for it...
I would call it a one and a half man as you will never comfortable sleep two in bed chairs
Very well made
Never leaked
1.45m high
Never had condensation problems due to the mesh inner
Heavy duty ground sheet
Doors and windows with mesh and clear plastic options
Heavy Duty Zips
Erection time pram style set up 10 to 15 mins approx
Just as easy to put away though bag needs to be bigger
If its hot the skin can be removed or partially removed to expose the roof mesh for fresh air flow
Heavy duty pegs
Very Stable even in high winds

All in all a brilliant bivvy that's serve me well...

Cons... well none other than the addition of a peak would have been useful in driving rain so that the door could be kept open... It was also awkward to fit into the original bag so bought a better bag.. Calling it a two man is a little ambitious

So why did I sell it? To buy another with an extended wrap...

Dave Lane did an extended wrap for the STI's. I was lucky enough to come across one, It adds an extension to the standard Bivvy replacing the original over wrap giving better protection in wet weather and an additional porch area The Inner doors can be rolled back which makes room for two bed chairs.. It does however change the stability of the bivvy and in strong winds I would use the original wrap but otherwise it makes a nice addition. It does make the bivvy heaver to lug around though ..

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   Old Thread  #1258 16 Apr 2016 at 1.01pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1257
Cyprinus base hq 2 man bivvy with wrap

Have bought this bivvy just for my yearly sessions to France and have to say after its first outing I'm well impressed. Got the bivvy for 325 with the wrap and at that price I couldn't justify paying over double for the armo 2 man I was planning on getting. The size is impressive as I'm used to brolly size shelters so this was luxury. The bag it came in is of good quality and large enough to pack everything away easily after use.
The T pegs are also good bits of kit.
It goes up the same as any other pram type and Is easy enough even doing it yourself. The only problem I had was putting the peek into place. It would go in one side but not the other. The trick I learned after a couple of tries was to fit the peek in both sides before you connect the bivvy to the hooks under the ground sheet. After that it was perfect. We had 3 nights of pretty bad weather and the bivvy held up well and was totally waterproof. All the seams seem really well put together.
Having vents on the bivvy and wrap is a real help as I've never had them before plus the rod retaining straps which are also in the front and back of the wrap is a great idea.
The only fault I can see is that some of the stitching hasn't been finished properly in 2 places, 1 inside the bivvy and 1 area of the wrap, but it's a easy fix.
Im so glad and bought this bivvy and anyone who needs a new two man won't be disappointed should they choose this one. The quality Is impressive and seeing as I'm only using it once a year in France I think this bivvy will last the next 20 years if I look after it.
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   Old Thread  #1257 4 Jan 2016 at 9.39am Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1256
I wondered if anyone had a review of the Wychwood D-ploy and the Trakker Tempest Composite? Looking to invest in a new Bivvy in the next few months. Looking at the two mentioned above as well as the Titan. Also looking at the Fox Supa Brolly System Mk2 to potentially save a bit of money.

Thanks in advance
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   Old Thread  #1256 29 Oct 2015 at 8.37pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Carp Zone Hurricane AS one man Bivvy.
Bought this Bivvy in May this year and have used it half a dozen times for short 24/36 hour sessions. Bought it because of cost; 179.99 for Bivvy and over wrap and also because of the size and flexibility of the Bivvy. First impressions when putting up in the garden were of a good quality, value for money product that would more than meet my needs. However, the Bivvy did not come with a separate bag for the over wrap as specified on the carp zone site. eBay seller did give me 10 refund when I pointed this out to them but carp zone just stated that they had stopped supplying separate bag as both Bivvy and over wrap fit in the one bag; now having tried this only a magician could achieve this. Second issue when taking Bivvy down I noticed that two of the pole elastics were stripped of their sheathing exposing bare elastic. Contacted seller on numerous occasions without a satisfactory response even after I had sent photographs of the issue at their request; carp zone did not even reply to my e-mails. I decided to bite the bullet and use the Bivvy as I was wasting valuable fishing time waiting for an outcome. Predictably the exposed elastic snapped after second outing; the Bivvy is still useable despite two loose poles which are rigid when Bivvy erected. Third problem occurred when I tried the over wrap for the first time at beginning of October only to discover that it is 6 inches short around most of the lower perimeter of the Bivvy preventing it being pegged down correctly so would be useless in a storm and also allows draughts between the main Bivvy negating any insulating properties it may have. Still had condensation in main Bivvy with over wrap on. Have noticed that eBay seller and carp zone no longer supply the one man version but still supply two man version; don't know if this is at all related to any of the issues I have experienced being common problems Just beware before purchasing. In hindsight I wish I had spent more and do like the look of the Trakker bivvies which look quality in the flesh although quite a bit less head room than the carp zone Bivvy.

Pros: 5000 hydrostatic head so does have good waterproofing.
Acres of space inside; in reality 1 and half man Bivvy.
Good head room
Decent quality ground sheet which attaches to inside of Bivvy.
Decent sized peak which helps with preventing rain entering porch.
Decent quality pegs
Very flexible door options
Over wrap has same rear vents as main Bivvy for good air circulation.
Relatively easy to erect and take down.
Does have two red straps not mentioned in any advertising.

Cons: No over wrap bag (have used old sleeping bag cover)
Poor quality pole elastics
Over wrap does not fit.
None existent customer services
Large footprint so not suited to tighter swims
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   Old Thread  #1255 15 Apr 2015 at 8.18pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1254
The fox retreat xl is a great bivvy, its not as tall as the big d but the footprint is bigger and the porch adds a genuine two foot on that, Ive had the bivvy 18 month and think its superb. The only issue ive found is that it can be too big for some pegs so ive bought a trakker slx 2 man and tbh the quality of that is crap compared to the fox. Im thinking of getting rid and getting a standard sized retreat im that impressed with mine
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   Old Thread  #1254 2 Mar 2015 at 10.55pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Nash Double Top Big Daddy

Price down from 530 to 480 (Tackle Fanatics)

Ive been fishing for around 4 years now and ive had a TF Gear Force 8 Bivvy. I spent a week away in Essex last year and found that my back ached after the constant bending needed to get in and out of the shelter. I wanted as big as I could find and for a reasonable price so I ordered this one. In the box was a hug bivvy bag that weighed half as much as my house (25kg-30kg) and it was a bit longer than a normal rod bag. First though was well ill only be using it once twice a year so why the hell not. setting it up is the same as any normal rib setup but taking it down is a different matter entirely.

very very large
very thick material used
quality poles
some innotive features
can easily fit 2 wide bedchairs plus extras
no more back pain (after you use a borrow to your swim)
lots of rod retainers
nash bivvy pegs included

Cons :'(
Taking it out of the bag I saw that my tension clip was brolen, great
weighs a tonne
taking bivvy down the poles welded themselves together
after taking all our gear out bar my tackle box, a slight gust of wind ripped all the pegs out and nearly took the bivvy with it, luckily my friend was stood in the porch
no hangers for lamps etc
the mesh front door doesn't go all the way to the floor
mesh everywhere but only one clear pvc door
packing it back in the bag was a pain
poles scratch easily
straps to hold the door up could have been a little longer
not really a roomy porch considering the size of it

ive got very mixed feeling about this bivvy after spending the large amount on it. why have one that cant stand up to wind. if you need to get this down in a hurry be warned

Overall 4/10

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   Old Thread  #1253 16 Jul 2014 at 8.49am Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1252

Price down to 89.99 from 129.99

I had a 60in brolly I have used for years.. fancied a change and opted for a 2 rib shelter, ive looked online at various shelters and took a gamble on this.

Taking it out of the box the shelter comes in a bag which is waiste height and opens from the top the same as a sleave.
It comes with 2 adjustable poles to keep it tight, hd pegs, hd groundsheet and a tye to keep it tight when packing it down.

Setting it up is the same as any pram hood so it doesnt take any time.
The pole break down 4 times to keep it small in the bag.


So well made I have a m3 and the work on this is on par.. plus you get 5years warranty :-)

Quality material

3 levels to set up. With pegging points to match.

Light and compact! Goes across the handles of the barrow perfectly without taking space up.
I dont use the groundsheet as of yet so it weighs around 4kg

Nice and compact inside.. its tight but perfect for an overnighter etc.. im 5.9 and have perfect vision sitting on the bedchair

Well protected with the peak and angles of the front.

2 velcro rod retainers.

Plenty of head room.. no blocks or arms in the way.

Enough room at the back of the shelter for bag/rucksack


I have a normal sized bedchair (prestiege engineering comfy 4 leg) and I literally have 1cm of space each end!
So tight I was shocked. No chance of moving it around without it touching the sides.
So basically the bed chair can only fit in 1 place.
If you are 6ft+ this shelter would be to small for you.

Its probably not a bad thing it just shocked me how wide it is, I believe its as wide as my m3, but once set up you dont notice it.

No clip on mozzi mesh front available from WYCHWOOD

Overall im very happy with this shelter and would recommend it for the price and build quality on its own.
Just be warned its a cozy shelter!!! If you want plenty of space inside this is not for you.


Just bought the overwrap which im told is universal and fits the shelter and the bivvy.
This again is made from there excellent material and offers 3 pegging points around the bivvy.
It comes in a small compact bag with pegs and 2 door options, clear velcro window and a covered door.


So compact and light

Excellent build

3 levels of pegging points

Built in mozzi door
Clear windows on either side which can be velcro closed

Being able to clip open front in different setting's

2 rod retainers

Cant think of any cons what so ever!!
Putting the wrap on makes this an excellent compact bivvy which in my opinion makes my m3 redundant till longer sessions.
The added front and stability of the wrap is 110% worth the purchase
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   Old Thread  #1252 9 Mar 2014 at 5.00pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!

COST: Currently 109.99 from Ultimate Direct.
Time Used : 2 Years
Rating : 8/10

+ Spacious
+ Oversized bag
+ Tensioning Bars included.
+ Cheap
+ VERY good quality for what your paying
+ very easy to set up and down

-Quite heavy (10ish kilos)
-A bit tight for 2 people
- Groundsheet not heavy duty
- No set up instructions

I bought this bivvy 2 years ago, and feel I've given it enough use to comment on it. So I bought it wanting a spacious bivvy that has enough room for 2 people but the majority of it's use would be for just me. At the time I used a barrow for all of my fishing so weight wasn't an issue for me. It isn't too bad but you really need a barrow, or drive up to the back of your swim.

It came with no set up instructions, but it goes up like any other pram-hood style bivvys. Tension bars come with the package and on really windy days these support the shelter very well. The pegs are very hardwearing, heavy duty, T-style pegs and there are enough of them. It comes with a full solid door, clear panel and mozzie door. Mozzie side windows are also fitted with solid covers.

If you want a proper 2 man I wouldn't recommend this. Although it fits 2 bedchairs they're pretty close and with wider bedchairs it wouldn't fit. It is fine though for just a weekend, with standard bedchairs. With just one bedchair its huge! Loads of room for kit, would take a wideboy with still loads of room, and if you are someone who takes their dog fishing it would be great for that. The groundsheet aint heavy duty so after 2 years of use it is a bit knackered, but I use a bit of carpet at the front of the bivvy to keep mud and crap out.

Overall I've used this bivvy solidly for the past 2 years and it has done everything I want it too. I wasn't expecting such a good shelter for the money paid but I've used in in minus temperatures with frost all over it, up to week sessions in hot sunshine, and it's been fine. If this bivvy packed up I would buy the same model again tbh.

Great bivvy at a sensible price

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   Old Thread  #1251 15 Feb 2014 at 10.20pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Fox supa brolly system

Bought this from Johnson Ross for 270 I think. It's my first brolly and has replaced a trakker a-lite bivvy and wrap. First impressions were that it was heavier than I thought, and considerably longer ( I have no idea why I thought it would be compact).

In the bag you get
1 brolly
Two storm poles
One full front
One material door
One clear plastic window door
One full mossy front
Two poles that make the peak up
Heaven duty ground sheets
Two straps to compact the brolly.

Fairly straight forward, although it took me a few minutes to relies that each thin pole has to go through its specific hole above the doorway to make the peak. The ground sheet is clipped to the brolly, a novelty for me, which I really liked. Actually putting the brolly up takes seconds once you have done it a couple of times. When set up it is very rigid and the material is well stretched and looks solid. I don't know what the material is, it's not as heavy duty as nash bivvies but it is nice to the touch and certainly waterproof.

Space wise I had an indulgence bedchair, and luggage with plenty of room. I was surprised how much room there is, and could get the chair right back, at an angle.

It is solid and doesn't move when set up.
Quick to set up.
Plenty of room.
With the heavy duty ground sheet clipped in it feels really snug and secure against inclement weather.
Full mozzy screen very useful in summer.
Doesn't take up a lot of space.

Was minor condensation, but it is single skin
Initially tricky to set up.

All in all I'm very pleased with it and looking forward to more usage.

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   Old Thread  #1250 2 Dec 2013 at 6.49pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1249
Jrx Tx 2g bivvy:

Had this bivvy for about a month now,i bought it from fosters of birmingham at a price of 180 it was shipped next day and used it on the bank for the first time the day after.

First impressions:
When i got the bivvy/bag out of the box i noticed how long it was folded,also the weight of it,i thought it would be heavier due to the metal bars and the thick material.

What you get:
Hd pegs
Hd groundsheet
Front peak
Tension bars
Velcro on clear panel
I did my first night in it a few weeks back and was very impressed,fairly easy to put up,only problem i had was putting the poles together as the material was new and hadnt stretched so were abit of a struggle. It took about 15 minutes first time to put up. One thing that it did think was a bit annoying was that the groundsheet is velcro in so you have to peg it out perfect.
After i set it up it hammered it down for around 3 hours (dont push the top tension bar too tight as it makes the bivvy act like a drum when the rain hits it) not a single leak and due to thick material the rain beads off.also the front peak stops rain coming into the bivvy if you have the front open. I did another night last weekend and it was fairly cold outside (my unhooking mat froze) their was not a single bit of condensation. Due to it being cold i have not tested the airflow out but with 2 mozzi vents on the rear and 3 on the front,pr zip the whole front off im sure the bivvy will keep you cool on a warm summers day/night.

Very durable
Extremly waterproof
Easy to put up
Good price
Good airflow
Rod straps

Groundsheet velcros in

All in all this is a top end bivvy at a very low price,i would be happy to pay 250+ for this bivvy. Jrc have gave everything a angler wants in a bivvy. This bivvy isnt the biggest but plenty of room for 1 man dont think you could put 2 bedchairs in.

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   Old Thread  #1249 25 Nov 2013 at 10.52am Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1246
Great review, Mike. One point: While I agree that the lack of rod supports can be annoying, especially in a gale of wind, the problem is not insurmountable. While this is not an M3, it does shown a decent enough 'fix'.

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