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   Angling Technics GPS
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   Old Thread  #13 21 Feb 2017 at 6.59pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #10
Had one for a few years now when first used it was really good not for me but my mate we used it in France and it go him on the spot every time and he had a realY good week on a hard lake, but I have found that as time has gone on it gets harder to find the spots so have gone back to clipping up and using markers on the far bank I think it's all to do with the stalites as depends on were you are signal can be really difficult, also I made myself a external power pack as the phone plugs on technics boats are pants, the upshot is trying to sell mine and buy a different boat, so in a nut shell it's going to be put in the old tackle box catching dust lol
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   Old Thread  #10 13 Dec 2016 at 9.28pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #9
I owned one for a few months ...........when you weigh up the fact that they are 600 + quid and there 10year old technology they are way overpriced. .............. you can buy a tolson tf640 fishfinder with built in gps for 640 ..............the angling technics gps obsolete in comparison
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   Old Thread  #1 2 Jun 2015 at 5.21pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Having recently purchased a GPS for my Technicat I thought I would provide a review.

660 plus 25 for a bag - expensive but should be a great addition to my armoury.

Had it sent into a tackle shop, packing seemed adequate and instructions seemed straight forward. There is some braid coming from the GPS to a clip (to clip on the boat in case it falls out I am guessing) which looks flimsy and braid is very long, made me worry about it getting caught up under water on the propellers. The GPS itself and the control module are as expected. On the video on the Angling Technics website I interpreted that you could save the markers under names but this isn't the case you can only save numbers so you then have to remember what's what.

My first use was a trip to France for a week and thought I would put it through it's paces, first time I tried no satellite signal, realised after some problem solving that the unit that goes into the boat is temperamental but I got it working. Used the sonar to find my spots and marked them with the GPS, great I thought I have my spots.

Later that day when I went to put my baits out it seemed very tough to get the bleeps to say that I was in the right spot although I could clearly see I was, the satellites were 16-18 so well above what the manual said required to be accurate. The monitor was telling me I was five metres to near which considering I was only two metres from the far bank was impossible, all three rods were some distance apart and the other two in open water so no chance of me trying for the wrong spot.

I persevered having the same issues for a few days until the point when I admitted defeat and decided to use the sonar to hit the same spots.

The pros were definitely the battery life of the monitor and once the initial signal failure the signal said it was strong throughout use. Handheld unit was easy to navigate, case was very well protected.

The cons - not accurate and that defeats the whole point of it! The clip that seemed flimsy at the beginning is now bent and I cannot trust it will do its job. Locations can only be saved as numbers and not names.

To say I am massively disappointed would be a huge understatement. This is a lot of money to provide an excellent tool in the anglers armoury to hit the same spot day or night over and over with confidence and it simply doesn't do that. There was the odd occasion it would work fine but at a guess that was 1 in 10.

I have reviewed the documents and do not think I was doing anything wrong, my experience is it is not good enough.

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