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   ***Thumbs-Up Icon & Classified Rules Part3***
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Before a member can be issued with a icon they must meet the following criteria;

(A) The member must have been a member of the Forum for at least 3 months
(B) The member must have contributed a minimum of 100 posts that in the opinion of the Moderators have been constructive and have positively contributed to the Forum.
(C) The member must not have been subject to any warnings and/or penalties by the Moderators for at least 3 months (or longer period if imposed as a penalty)

If the above criteria have been met then the member should fully complete their profile page with the following information:

Your real name
Your current full address and postcode
Your current home telephone number
Your current mobile number (optional)
Your current email address

You must ensure every field is completed otherwise the MOD will not be able to see your profile information.

Under normal circumstances your full profile data will only be available/visible to the site owner and Moderators. However, if a request is received from someone whom we genuinely beleive to be from an appropriate body or authority eg. Police, Court...etc, the Forum may without notice or referral supply this information.

Once you have updated your details please contact a moderator, who will check your profile and may award the icon. At their absolute discretion the Moderators may refuse to issue a icon without assigning reason for their decision.

Please note:

If you edit your profile, the thumb icon will automatically be removed and you will have request your icon to be re-issued. With this in mind, please get your address details right first go to save both yourself and the MODs any unnecessary hassle.

There are a number of members who had been issued with a thumb prior to the current criteria being in force. These members have been allowed to retain their but in all other regards are governed by the same rules as every other member.

Any member who, in the opinion of the site owner and/or Moderators has breached either the word or spirit of the rules shall be liable for punishment by way of retracting their icon and/or a ban from the Forum. Under normal circumstances any removal of the shall last for a minimum of 6 months but may be longer. If a member is banned from the Forum this can be for a period of anything from 1 week to a lifetime ban. The Forum also reserves the right to apply other penalties on a case by case basis.
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