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   Bait reviews
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   Old Thread  #1173  8 Aug 2012 at 6.15pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1172
Please use this thread for long term bait reviews.

The usual rules apply ie

-You review must be substantial - at least 100 words!
-You should say how long you've used the bait, and how it was most effective.

One-liners, posts from field-testers, or anyone directly involved with bait firms will be DELETED!!!
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   Old Thread  #1186 1 Aug 2016 at 2.51pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Haiths Euro Mix & Groats.

Started using the Euro Mix & Groats a good few years ago now, actually put on to them (indirectly) by Ken Townley, after reading many a post I decided to give them a shot, it was perfect for a few lakes I fish that general require a small underarm flick to my chosen areas and therefore getting the particle out in the swim (without over complicating the mix) is not a problem.

The Euro Mix itself contains groats already, but I love adding more as they resemble maggots in a way, I believe something Ken has also said in the past, and they add another dimension, they also turn the liquid within the mix a milky colour, the attraction all adds up, anyway on to the Euro Mix, it contains all sorts of bits and pieces and the best bit about it is you can literally make it up on the bank if you are doing sessions, though I still make mine up 24hrs in advance, I also take extra (dry mix) with me in case I run out.

I usually fish my favourite boilie (Baitworks Atlantic Heat) or fake corn directly over the top, though when using the mix I have generally found the fake corn to be more effective, which would be taken without caution I'd imagine as the mix itself contains flaked maize I believe and the carp rummaging the bottom furiously would have no reason to suspect it as opposed to a stand out boilie or 2.

All in all it is a perfect mix for what I need it for, and would not put anyone off using it, it is convenient and it works.
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   Old Thread  #1185 1 Aug 2016 at 2.40pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Baitworks Atlantic Heat.

What can I say, been using AH for between 6-7 years now, it has ALWAYS caught me the better stamp of fish, maybe pure coincidence admittedly, but for confidence it has worked wonders. It is my start off bait wherever I fish, I have full confidence in it and would use it anywhere & everywhere.

I don't believe in wonder baits, the marketing or the hype of others, I let the fish on the bank do the talking and there have been aplenty whilst using the heat.

Breakdown times are not exact, I haven't gone out of my way to test it but generally I find after between 12-16 hours it breaks down entirely on the bottom and you end up with no bait on the hair, this is fine for me, as long as I am confident the bait is in the right place I can leave it out there until this period of time comes about, likewise leaving it out overnight I've never had any issue of ending up with no bait on the hair when reeling in.

Just looking at the bait when breaking it up in your fingers you can see some of the ingredients used, it looks great, smells fishy but spicy also, and it works from the off.

I don't tend to get as many bites from smaller fish on it, hence it being part of catching the better stamp of fish as stated above, and again this may be pure coincidence, but it seems to happen all too often IMO for that.

Overall, I certainly would recommend the bait, the company do a bit of marketing on social media but nothing like what some of the other companies do, when the deals are on they are worth picking up if you want to give it a go.

Hope this helps
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   Old Thread  #1183 22 Sept 2015 at 9.59am Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
HYDRALAB CORN STEEP LIQUID CSL 500ml 9.95 bought March 2015 used for 6 months.

Thought I would just throw in my 2 pence worth of experience using the excellent Hydralab CSL product I bought off eBay. As I am always naturally wary of non bait companies selling baits online, it was a pleasant surprise to get a very well packaged product that really had me buzzing to use! It reminded me of the first time I bought Rods Shellfish Sense Appeal back in the 80's the fishy equivalent of Scopex. I knew it was going to catch fish!

The product was totally different to my usual choice of Corn Steep Liquor but having had a bad batch that tasted sour I decided to follow a Facebook review and get some of the Hydralab 'New Enzyme Active CSL' and at 10 for 500ml I was expecting a new miracle bait... to be fair its first impressions are proper!

First time out I mixed 25ml in my 1kg of crushed particles, pellets, beans and a few un-flavoured chops with water and let it soak for a few days. I also made some 2" sticks up with 30mm PVA tube and let them have a dip before leaving them to sit in a bucket for drying out. The 5 pop ups I got looked quality but I wouldn't normally use another hook bait on my water as I already feel confident in my current bird food mix. Anyway one was dipped in the neat liquid and used on the spare rod 25 yards down the margin to an area the Carp sometimes visit in the early hours if the wind gets up.

The wind got up as forecast and a lovely big South Westerly blew straight down to my peg and as predicted the fish arrived in the shallow area which held some fascination for them in this first few hours after a wind. Its probably a natural food source that gets stirred up or allows them to feed on something they don't normally get? But for whatever reason they come here its hard to get them to take a hookbait, dont get me wrong they do take eventually but seem preoccupied for those first few hours.. I can more or less time when that right hand rod will burst into action after hours of liners, twitches and little pulls! I have had success with stalking them here using worms, maggots, naturals and even floating a bread crust but sitting on the boilie selects the bigger fish. Nothing worse than striking and a Tench or a big Perch goes berserk spooking the Carp into oblivion!

Knowing I had the new bait down there was not giving me any confidence and I wished I had stuck with my trusty regular pop up and liquids that I just have so much confidence in... You know the feeling!

So when my rod nearly ripped off the old Delkim it was a shock as much as a surprise! 10 minutes playing a lump and the net went under a real old beauty! I recognised it as one of the old original fish that hadn't been seen in many years, 25lb or just shy of anyway and it had come to the new CSL hookbait dip and stick combination! I aren't normally impressed with bait first time out but this was getting better! The lake is huge and has a small fish count and one fish nearing 40lb but this was a real bonus capture rating among my finest! 12 out of 15 syndicate members on my rota were on the water and we estimated it to be 8 years since we had put her on the bank. I tried to upload its picture but I'm not that good yet!

This was all back in March 2015 and I have slowly changed to using this quality liquid for 99% of my fishing because not only did it catch the old girl once but 3 times in 5 months! Obviously she has a taste for it then My issue with the likes of Nutrabaits for example is they don't seem bothered to improve any of their old liquids range. There are many companies selling Fosfor Syrup PPC, Minamino, Corn Steep Liquor in larger amounts at cheaper prices! Why should I go to the lengths of finding their stuff in a shop when I go buy something online for less money thats arguably better quality and contains more! Sorry guys but after been a user from the 80's right through the 90's and even stuck with it during the Mainline Activ8 boom I am converting to the dark side of sourcing these little gems myself and knowing the quality is of prime importance...

I am not into the politics of Carp fishing and keep myself away from the crowd whenever possible but after using this product and really getting consistent results I just thought I'd give the guy a good review. Not because I gain anything because I don't but he cares about what people say, I had many conversations with him regarding application before using it and he just answered with sensible well mannered comments.

He has got Kevin Heald making the pop ups and an ex Nutrabaits guy on with making a base mix to include his new CSL and the powdered sediment of the product he sells. I honestly can't wait to try it, but it won't be out until he knows its as good as his liquid! Everyone on our syndicate has switched over to this and even replaced the main liquid additive in the main bait people use here. Its been a real pleasure to buy a product from somebody who can and will back up his claims of how good the product is.
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   Old Thread  #1182 1 Jun 2014 at 10.03pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1173
Nash monster squid purple
So I got on the purple as soon as it came out, was looking for something a bit different and it sure is that! Went onto a new lake aswell so when on the first night I had two runs and landed two fish I was pleased with it. Not sure it smells much like squid but the fish seem to love it, so much so that I have seen a couple of fish on other peoples mat actually crapping it out everywhere. As far as I know I am the only person on the lake using it and when I have fished other baits alongside it the squid always comes out on top. Strangely thoughI started by mixing the purple with the black but I ciuld not get a run on the black at all. Be warned though, if your lake has diving birds they can find them very easily. But that is the only downside to the bait, I would definitely recommend it
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   Old Thread  #1181 6 May 2014 at 1.48pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Trent Baits Liver Shellfish

I have been using trent baits liver shellfish for about a year now

1st off I wood like to say it took me a fair few years to find a bait I was confidant using. What I have found with some baits is it took a while for the fish to start feeding confidently and some it never felt like the fish were confidant feeding on some types of bait. So after a while I got fed up with swapping and changing all the time I fort to myself I need to find a bait and stick to it. so over the period of around a month I started reading more about bait and doing research on the internet. And there seem to be one company that's quality stood out from the rest and that company was Trent baits. I looked and read a great deal about all there baits from the freshwater shrimp to the ubber fruit and after some thinking I decided liver shellfish was the right choice for me.

So now it's been the best part of a year and feel I can give the liver shellfish a fair review.
What I have found with the liver shellfish is it's not like any of the other baits I have ever used I did not have to put large amounts of the bait in to get the fish use to it and feeding on it. What I found was that the liver shellfish is an instant bait and worked from the off for me. The fish feed confidently on it and I have there for had some great results using it. I have had my best years fishing and I think that's broken up into many factors I.e me feeling confidant with the bait and then the baits quality it's self has I think enhanced my carp fishing and had there for given me an edge of confidant's I did not have in my angling before last year.

A combination of liquid natural extracts and nature identical shellfish flavor combine perfectly with the easily utilized nutrients of the base mix this provides a finished boilie with a proven instant attraction and benefits associated with effective long term nutrition with a natural subtle colour

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   Old Thread  #1180 11 Jan 2014 at 8.18pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Premier baits -matrix.
Great quality.
Caught lots on it.
I order custom pop ups in indian spice pop ups.
premier baits seem to work when no one else or very few hours use a good quality bait on a particular lake.
Everything eats matrix boilies.
carp , tench , bream , eels and crucians have beer been caught by me and my dad.
My dad caught the lake record twice from a very very difficult water, both times using matrix on a snowman rig.
great bait , I would use it all the time.
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   Old Thread  #1179 9 Sept 2013 at 6.16pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Premier baits ABC:
after using cheaper boilies and doing okay with them a friend gave me a kilo of premier baits to try out.
first impressions:
when i first looked at these i noticed the weight of the boilies,they are fairly weighty and that may be due to the eggshell in it,the colour is a brown but when in the water for a while they go alot lighter.

as i was stalking i decided to use these with star baits white chocolate i scattered 100 boilies at a 50:50 ratio over a 10m square,after 30 mins of sitting up a tree the carp came in and started feeding.I watched 6 carp go round picking the abc baits out first then coming back later and taking the white chocolate,all of this with a abc as a hookbait landed me a 15lb common. then 2 hours later a 20lb mirror
The smell of these boilies is one of those that you cant put your finger on but know it will do the job.

after catching me 2 carp in 2 hours from a fairly hard syndicate its fair to say these are top quality baits,the quality is top notch aswell as the consistency.i would reccomend these boilies to anyone.
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   Old Thread  #1174 10 Aug 2012 at 5.59pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1173

About two years ago now I joined a new midlands syndicate. On joining I did a few laps of the lake, as you do... and started talking to a few of the members to get some info. It was then i was introduced to SHELLFISH PEACH and CREAMY NUTZ boilies from BANG TIDY BAITS.These baits accounted for a lot a captures on the lake and not being one to miss out I ordered a couple of kilos of both to give it a go.
I started catching from the off and was instantly impressed. I managed to land many of the lakes largest residents through the course of the season with both baits holding there own against each other. As I was basically catching an equal number of fish on each boilie I continued using both throughout that season.
Since then I have taken these baits everywhere i have fished and consistently caught everywhere. I personally have utter faith in these baits. The results I and others have had from some very difficult midlands waters speaks for itself.
The SHELLFISH PEACH is a high quality food bait that contains a combination of fishmeals , milk & fish proteins , robin red and a attractor package that contains g.l.m and a fruit palatant. The distinctive sweet fishy smell is simply awesome.
The CREAMY NUTZ is a h.n.v mix that contains a balanced blend of milk proteins , bird foods and ground tigers.
I can not find anything bad to say about the bait itself. The only thing bad I can say is I have a friend who lives up north tried to order some bait but could not get it delivered. I later found the company works on a collection only basis. If you live in the midlands tho this ain't a problem.
These baits are available at a very affordable price, so they don't put a massive dent in your wallet either. This is defiantly the way forward for me and a lot of others in the area. Check out the website what have you got to lose.
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   Old Thread  #1172 7 Aug 2012 at 2.07pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1000
Freezer range mainline 15mm boilies

I bought 1kg of these boilies for hook bait about 1 month ago for 6.99 and i have just finished the whole bag. These boilies have a very sweet and creamy smell which attracts the fish well giving off lots of flavor. I found these worked best with one boilie on the hair and 5 on a bit of PVA tape/string for freebies. I started off using 2 boilies on the hair and dipping them in a plum flavored boilie dip, this is a good dip but it didn't work well with these boilies. They are a good meal for the fish too, i would highly recommend these boilies for hook bait and a few freebies on some PVA tape/string to get the carp feeding on them.

You must keep these boilies in the fridge when not using and try to keep in a cooler bag during a session, do not freeze then defrost these lots of times as it ruins them and makes them too soggy.

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   Old Thread  #1170 8 Jun 2012 at 2.53pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1168
Mainline HI-Visual Dumbell 10mm Pop-Ups Pineapple Juice

Been using these pops for a few months now, had alot of success with them. I was on my local syndi the other week in the blistering sunshine fishing in about 10ft of water, i had one rod on a cell bottom bait and the other was a kd style pineapple dumbell, the pop up produced 3 fish in about 2 hours or so, no body else caught on the lake. I was using the pop-up fishes over a small pva mesh bag filled with grains of corn (YES CORN I SAY) with a few hallibut pellets and also a few cell chops. I also did a session on my local canal in feb with them, nothing on the maggots, 2 fish on the pineapple dumbells.


- The leakage from them is incredible, was testing the KD rig with one on in my sink and within about 15 seconds in cold water, their was attraction coming out.

- Very easy to find, near;y every tackle shop either online or in shop has them.

- The quantity you get is 60, well, give or take 60. so their is enough to last you a whole season, bearing in mind i have ordered a pineapple dip so i can glug them in it.


- Fairly expensive, 7.35 for a tub in store at my local shop.

- Dare i say it, over buoyant, requires a AB shot if using a KD style rig.

- Can't get a clean smooth cut if your going to use the top half for a snowman ETC.


Great bait, best used with a KD style rig IMHO. Fished over a bed off pellet and chops its a wonderful combo. Get a dip/glugg for them though, a pineapple one would be first choice to make them even more devastating. One last word, GET ON EM!
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   Old Thread  #1168 30 Apr 2012 at 12.25pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
A.B.S ninja black

i used the abs black ninja about 2-3 years ago with varying success with quite a fue fish falling to it. i stoped using it regularly as it stoped producing after about 2 seasons. however i always went back to it when i went on a new venue as it would all ways produce one or two bites. i have now recently gone back onto it as the bait i was using production stoped. i have recently had quite a fue fish on it and now have a new found confidence in the bait.

it is very versatile bait and can be fished a number of ways. e.g in a spod mix big spread ect. one of the main reasons for using it is the colour. this is because i feel that it pics up the more wairey fish as it is more subtle than other baits.
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   Old Thread  #1162 20 Oct 2011 at 3.55pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Message Suppressed by Forum Moderator.
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   Old Thread  #1161 7 Jun 2011 at 1.55pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Ive been using essential black snail for a few months now and there is no looking back.
So far I have caught a 39lb linear which is now a lake record and hadnt been caught for 18 months. Then I caught a 24and a half lb linear which had never been caught before.
This syndicate has been frequented by sponsored anglers and experienced anglers, I am a girl and somehow managed to catch these magnificent carp.
The only thing must be the bait as no one else seems to be using it yet.
I would strongly recommend it, as it is something different and it helps with the birdlife around the lake!
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   Old Thread  #1160 17 May 2011 at 7.32pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
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