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   Ultimate Barrow Review
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   Old Thread  #1000  21 Mar 2008 at 7.24pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Please Note that this thread is for REVIEWS only


-Your review should be substantial (100 words+)
-You should mention how long you have owned the product
-It should ideally cover both the good and bad points
-Please try to include a photo

Posts which do not broadly conform to the guidelines will be REMOVED!

Bad reviews are just as welcome as good ones, we are lucky on here that we can give a bad review without risking the advertisers, unlike the mags!
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   Old Thread  #1188 13 Mar 2017 at 6.05pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!

Ive had this barrow for 3 years and i fish most weeks on 27 acre syndicate lake..

The barrow is on the small side. Stability is fairly poor needscareful packing or its on its side on any uneven ground..

1 year in - plenty of rust around most parts where the handles go in etc..

2 years in the screw thread went in the rear Y shape stem. I tried to replace the screw as it comes with spares but the inner thread was gone... so i continue to use with out the Y bar

3 years in the tyre has split in 2 places and is now not usable. Very poor.
Its been pushed on grass for 3 years so you,d expect a lot more life than 3 years of life from a tyre.

Ive had to buy a replacement puncture proof wheel from prestige £35 plus £5 postage..... They dont do replacement tyres.

In general id say poor quality and dont recommend this model.
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   Old Thread  #1187 8 Oct 2016 at 10.53pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1000
TSM Bank Tank

Not really a barrow but an electric replacement wheel and forks that is adjustable so in theory fits any barrow that has two square studs that the wheel assembly fits. I first heard about the TSM Bank Tank on a thread on this forum and looked at the photos and videos on there Facebook page.
The Bank Tank is an alternative to the Prestige Power Porter conversion with the advantage that it fits other makes of barrow. It consists of a purpose made set of forks that are adjustable for width but in reality if you ring Chris at TSM you get a custom service and he made mine up to fit the exact dimensions of my barrow. The forks have a metal tray that holds the battery with a 200 watt electric motor on one side and a controller box on the other that the connection to the 22 amp 12 volt battery and a connection to the speed controller cable which extends to the barrow handle. The wheel is permanently fixed to the forks on a stainless steel axle that is supported on bearings and fixed to the electric motor. There are a number of options for the wheel and I went for a wide wheel with a puncture resistant pneumatic tyre.

So how does it perform? Well I have had it for about 6 months now and have used it in several situations. It fitted my trakker gravity barrow straight out of the box and takes only a few seconds to fit onto the barrow and connect the speed controller to the handle. The battery is secured by a strap onto the tray on the forks.
Using it on a flat reasonably hard surface the bank tank moves along at walking pace at a little over half power, on a grass surface it has to be turned up slightly more. On a hard surfaced slope of about 30 degrees it needed the power turned up, as it did going through some boggy ground. It has failed to get up a grassy hill with a slope of about 45 degrees and I had to take some of the load off to get through a muddy hollow where the wheel sank down to the axle, but it did get through.

Battery usage is fine and a 3/4 mile round trip only uses up an hour of charging time about a sixth of the total charge

A feature of the trakker gravity barrow is that it is designed to transfer as much weight of the load as possible onto the wheel so on another barrow the bank tank might perform even better but I am really pleased with it and my journeys around the lake is no longer a chore although I have started to take the kitchen sink again, simply because weight is no longer an issue.

All in all a very useful product, well made and more than powerful enough for all but the toughest of terrains.
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   Old Thread  #1186 2 Jun 2016 at 12.48pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1185
Fox Low Rider Barrow Review - £135.00

There isn't much information online about this barrow but the few people who admit to owning one say good things about it so I thought why not try it. In the past I have owned barrows by Prestige and Carp-Zone, both of which were OK but as with all 'normal' barrow designs they are inherently unstable. This barrow however really is a revelation, the low centre of gravity DOES make all the difference.

You can use the two supplied buckets to carry a lot of weight over the wheel which is the best place for it. I put spod mix in one and water carrier/boilies in the other one and that is a lot of weight. Barrow bag sits on top of that at the front and then folded chair on top of that. Behind that on the base of the barrow sits the bedchair with cradle in which I put all the loose stuff. Rod bag, bivvy etc then lies across the top. As with all barrows the trick is getting the last bit in the right place. Too far back and you have weight on your arms, too far forward and the barrow wants to tip forward. This is still worth getting right with this barrow but it's not as crucial as with normal barrow designs, just depends on whether you want to make life easier for yourself. The whole lot then straps down with the supplied webbing straps which locks the whole thing into place much better than bungee straps.

I can honestly say I have never felt like this barrow wants to tip, it just feels totally stable. Loaded correctly it makes carrying a big load a lot easier than any of my other barrows and I would now never go back to a traditional barrow design. The only worry I had about it was some people had said it was a bit low at the front and may catch on the ground, I personally haven't found this to be a problem. It packs down easily into 3 pieces and is a lot lighter than my previous Carp-Zone barrow. There is no under barrow bag with this but to be honest I haven't missed having one. All in all a great design concept.

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   Old Thread  #1185 28 Oct 2014 at 10.16am Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1000
TF Gear DL Hardcore Barrow - £79.99

Only had this a month, but Iíve used it 3 times.

I paid £79.99 against an RRP of £219.99 apparently, although I canít see why anyone would pay that. As I write, itís still available at £79.99 vs a revised RRP of £209.99.

The main reason I bought this barrow, was that it is easily collapsible so it fits in a small car. I use a Mk5 Golf and with the rear seats folded down it does indeed fit quite easily. It's comparatively light, so lifting it in and out of the car is not a problem. Collapsing the barrow down is pretty easy. See the last bit of this video

The extendable front and sides are very useful giving you a flexible load base to suit the amount of gear you need to carry. You can't however raise or lower them to suit the height of the load whch would be useful.

Given the extendibility and collapsibility of this barrow, the rigidity when loaded is pretty good.

Stability on the move I'd say is is comparable to other single wheel barrows.

Build quality looks to be OK, especially for the money paid, but time will tell and Iíll report back when itís taken a bit more hammer.

Overall, given the ability to collapse this barrow and the ďdiscountedĒ price paid, Iím pretty pleased with it so far.

Iíve since added the TF Gear Underbarrow bag which is OK if pretty small. At £19,99 it's nowhere near as good value as the barrow itself.
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   Old Thread  #1183 7 Jul 2014 at 8.40am Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
Nash Trax Evo Barrow

Having seen a few threads lately about the Nash Trax barrow i will stick my 2 pence in, having owned this barrow for the last 18 months i can honestly say this is the best barrow ive owned by far.

Having owned a Trakker X-Trail, Carp porter mk4 and a Powerporter the Nash does come across heavier but just looking at the quailty of the materials and the build it jusifys itself.

The large mud wheel makes pushing both through long grass and concrete easy, one modification i may try out is the rear wheel conversion but the lake im fishing at the moment does not require it, loading your barrow correctly makes travelling much easier.

First of all the Nash Trax Evo packed away which fits in my MK5 Golf no problems.


Handy Storage protected by cage

Loaded with Mk4 indulgence, 2 large bags, gas bottle, x4 rods, nash elevator, brolly, landing net and weight sling

Large mud wheel

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   Old Thread  #1182 1 Jul 2014 at 0.35am Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1000
nash path finder

this barrow ive had 4 7 years its never let me down its built like a tank so is a bit heavy but i manage to gt all my kit on it for a week session and still manage to push it fairly easily it comes with large pouch that hangs underneath the barrow which is good as it gives you loads more storage im very happy with my barrow and i see no reason to upgrade this one until it gives up the ghost
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   Old Thread  #1181 31 Aug 2013 at 10.09pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
I have a mk4s prestige carp porter barrow, had it about year & found it faultless so far as long as you give it a little careful maintenance

i.e., strip/re grease all bearings, hinges, moving parts with waterproof grease-this can be obtained from bike shops!

the frame, has some surface rust which really is because whatever crap paint the factory uses, the factory paint is the CHEAPEST most nasty paint they could obviously find, the frame should be powder coated!!!!!!! which when mine gets a bit rough looking I will strip it to bits & take it to city powder coating in Birmingham to be done in a nice satin finish olive drab green

the frame is strong enough, but I have seen the welding has been skimped a bit to keep costs down, all the joints should be welded all the way around, this would also prevent internal moisture in the frame in wet conditions, it would also reduce the frame flexing, I'll be fully welding mine before I have it powder coated!!!

the fixtures & fittings are OK all the knobs should be made of metal for what the barrow costs, also a modification I have made to mine is that I have put springs over the threads before screwing them in, this prevents them coming loose & getting lost on route on the banks of rivers/lakes, I'll pop up pics of my mods when I get the chance

the hinges on the barrow are riveted to the frame which I didn't like so I drilled them out & replaced them with stainless nuts/bolts/washers, far better & cost about £4 all in!

the Y bar fitting is crap, mine broke, I welded it back on but I can see where an extra fitting needs adding which I will add myself with a bit of thin wall box section tubing & weld it on, it'll be good as gold then

the handles, well a lot of people complain but I have no issue, I'm a right short arse at 5ft2 & I have no issues with them being wide & have no ground clearance issues with the rear feet on the barrow so why others have issues I don't know???

I think with a few DIY mods they can be a cracking long life barrow but for the money they cost prestige engineering need to step up a tad-I'd be happy to be a consultant for them/modify & repair their barrows

personally I find the barrow easy to manoeuvre, is stable when loading/unloading, the bags are pretty good, I'd like to wash mine but they don't fit in the washing machine so they have to stay dirty & smell of bait

it prestige addressed the little issues with the barrow it would be a proper bit of kit & its uk made apparently, needs a union jack in the brass plaque

as time go's on I'll find other bits n bobs I'd change I'm of my barrow & its modifications to come.....
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   Old Thread  #1180 31 Aug 2013 at 12.02pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1000

This barrow is a genuine bargain.

I have just bought one of these and to be honest I was not sure what to expect. I was especially wary of the design of the front wheel forks but I needn't have worried.

From the moment I opened the box it was obvious that this was a well made product with everything I could want from a barrow.

On my first trip out with a friend (who does not own a barrow) we ended up running late and with fading light decided to take a chance and load the barrow with both of our gear.

With the barrow piled so high I could barely see over the top and the swim a quarter of a mile away over the uneven terrain of a sheep filled field I was convinced this was a big mistake and the barrow would surely break but I was wrong.

The barrow is not only strong but to my mind it is also a great bit of design, totally flexible to suit different amounts of gear and can be quickly broken down to fit in the car.

Features I particularly like are:

Frame has a mesh base (some barrows I saw don't)
Adjustable /removable handles
Adjustable /removable front and sides
Adjustable / foldable stand
Removable Wide treaded tyre which runs on bearings
Supplied with integral storage bag for sundry items (This sits within the frame so makes use of the unused space below the frame, some barrows don't have this or you have to pay extra)
Supplied with bungee straps (again, some barrows don't come with these)
Position of wheel perfect for good balance
Great straight out of the box, no mods required that I can see yet.

Whole thing can be taken to pieces using the easy to use wheeled nuts in less than a minute and reassembled in about two!

At only £79 delivered its a steal!

There was a time when you got what you paid for but nowadays there is little to chose in terms of quality between the various companies and I bet in some cases the products even come from the same factory.

The tackle companies then get us is with clever advertising and capitalising on badge snobbery - sorry brand loyalty.

Once in a while though a genuine bargain comes along and I believe this is one of them because it combines standard manufacturing techniques with excellent design and because it has come from Carp Zone it also just happens to be at a great price.
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   Old Thread  #1179 8 Aug 2013 at 5.38pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1000
Vision Sprinter Barrow

This is my first barrow and used it twice now although I have not used another to compare it to I did physically look at many and found it difficult to see much of a difference from the Porter or H Gun and certainly not £40 pounds worth of difference.

2 weeks ago was Fist time used and I enjoyed fishing at furthest swim from car park just because I could and last week end fished mobile off the barrow taking a few off the top

Barrow feels strong and stable and as I don't need to take handles off to put in car the wheel takes 30 seconds to put on and ready to go !!!!!

At £60 new was great value imo but time will tell if it lasts ???????

Also I went to the Vision shop to pick it up great service and the shop which is next to their warehouse stocks all brands and is quite vast and has cracking selection

well worth a visit if your local
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   Old Thread  #1178 21 Jul 2013 at 9.05pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1177
How is the Theseus barrow going now?
maybe best to send a pm as this is a review section
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   Old Thread  #1177 20 Jul 2013 at 8.48pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1162
How is the Theseus barrow going now?

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   Old Thread  #1175 11 May 2013 at 5.56pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1000
Carp Porter Mk2 Fatboy

Just wanted to write a quick review after purchasing one of these recently and been very impressed so far. I was after a Nash Trax barrow and went down to Fosters who didn't have any in stock. Jason on their carp department suggested I take a look at the carp porter Mk2 Fatboy which for £159 came with a free under barrow bag.

I had a quick look in store and although I had my heart set on a Nash, I did have a weeks fishing booked just around the corner so paid and went. When I got home and started to build it up I was very impressed with the spares pack that came inside the boxes. With the wheel I got a set of bearings to fit and a spare set, and in the main box I got a second set of spare bearings. I know people have been complaining about wheels with bearings but so far after a lot of miles, and a lot of weight (I take gear for 2) I have had no problems whatsoever.

Also included in the spares were a few replacement thumbscrews for locking the front & side bars etc and also a couple of the heavy duty machined thumbscrews for locking the handles in place.

The build quality is excellent and I load mine up with:
10ltr water and bait in under barrow bag
Nash Barrowlogix Cube
Avid Restbite x bedchair on top
Avid restbite bedchair on top of that
Avid safeguard cradle on top
Viper bait boat (behind cube towards handles)
Aqua modular cool bag on top of boat
Clothes, thermals, torches, glasses etc in Nash front bar bag
Avid carp Hq2 over the top using the 'Y' shaped bar supplied with the carp porter.

As my rod holdall is the lightest item I carry that on my back and lay the bivvi over the top instead and due to having 2 bedchairs on, the front bar is too short to support the front of this (although I am sure it would if only carrying one bedchair)

There's 4 welded rings to attach straps to and although loaded quite high and slightly tippy, it is easy to get everything strapped down with no problems.

There is a massive amount of weight on there and I have yet to have any sign of a problem.

The only downside(s) I have found so far is that it is a nightmare to fold the legs with the bag attached, never yet managed to do it!! Also if I have the padded support bar tight between the 2 handles I cannot take them out so instead have to loosed that as well as the 2 machined thumbscrews to remove handles.

Front wheel is massive and I can buy a puncture proof one if needed and in terms of any spares I may need ion the future, Carp Porter (Prestige) seem to have a comprehensive website.
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   Old Thread  #1174 1 Apr 2013 at 9.10pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1
i have a power porter mk4s one had it for 2hrs now. the only prob i have with it it
dont like steep inclines. but all good other then that. battery lasts well good in the rain and mud as it as a nobbley tyer i put two rear wheels on it so it will carry loads and i dont need to pick it up when loaded
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   Old Thread  #1173 24 Feb 2013 at 6.06pm Login so you can post / reply  Register so you can join in!
In reply to Post #1000
Carp Porter mk4s

Going to write this in the hope it will prevent others from wasting their money.
I bought this 2nd hand in the middle of last year but it had never been used so was infact brand new.
After 6 trips the front wheel bearing collapsed, i spoke to prestige but they wernt interested and i had to buy an uprated bearing for £15. The fact they sell an uprated bearing makes me think they know the originals are like chocolate.

After a few more trips the small square bracket that is welded to the cross member between the handles and holds the Y bar snapped off. This is due to the fact that the mk4s is made from very thin steel and it twists under any load, and the welds appear to have been done by a first day apprentice.

The next problem is the part of the frame that the handles slot into next to the nut that tightens the handle in place has split, and again is due to the fact the steel is as thick a loo paper.

It came with the 3 wheel conversion which in my opinion is just a gimmic as is the suspention.

On the positive side it is light compared to others. The under barrow bag is a nice feature but the mudguard needs to be fitted to protect the bag, and the mudguard rattles like mad when the barrow is empty.

Now some may say that my mk4s has failed spectacularly because i abuse it, well i dont, my back is knackered so i never overload it because if i did i wouldnt be able to push it.
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